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Quantum computing is breaking down the barriers of cryptography

When postulating that the number of transistors on a chip would double every year, cofounder of Intel Gordon Moore predicted that the industry would reach a physical limit around 2020, that of the size of atoms. Quantum physics, which studies atom behaviour, is being called upon to extend “Moore’s law”. Applied to computing, the quantum […]

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcement learning: a powerful AI in ever more areas

From the game of go to autonomous driving, through industry, the applications of reinforcement learning.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

X-AI: understanding how algorithms reason

Democracy issue and scientific challenge, today explainable AI constitutes a new field of research.

Augmented Planet / Smart Cities

The connected mobility of tomorrow: smooth journeys managed from end-to-end

New forms of mobility are emerging. Orange is taking a keen interest, participating in events such as the recent Movin’On Summit and conducting research in the field.

Augmented Planet / 5G

MWC 2019: a 5G network with multiple service instances: Network Slicing proves its worth

Orange demonstrates network slicing on a 5G end-to-end standalone network, as well as how to support different use cases at the same time with appropriate service levels.

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Artificial voices are being humanised and entering our everyday lives

Thanks to the development of technologies, voice assistants’ voices are becoming human to the point of being indistinguishable.

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A word of innovation: Deep Tech

Cutting edge technologies born in research laboratories, deep techs aim to meet the major challenges of the 21st century.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Neuroscience and cognitive science: the place of humans in the age of AI

At the Orange Summer research days, Célestin Sedogbo (Institut Cognition) and Pierre-Marie Lledo (Institut Pasteur) talk about the adaptability of the human brain in the age of AI.

Better me / Internet of things

Nicolas Pellen: semantics of sounds and the Internet of Things

Semantics of the sounds of the home: Nicolas Pellen presents his research in the area of the Internet of Things.

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Podcast: automatic language processing for a better customer experience

Émilie De Neef is an expert in automatic language processing. She is developing a multi-language solution for Orange employees, enabling the analysis of the thousands of words contained in surveys and social networks.

Augmented Planet / Digital Education

Uncovering the invisible: underwater connections, by Agnès de Cayeux

Agnès de Cayeux, a multifaceted artist of « Net Art » chose, pragmatically and with a great deal of emotion and poetry, to tell us what the network’s story is.

Smarter society / Research

Did you know?

One third of European Union researchers are women. Source: Ministry of Higher Education