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PETs are opening up new opportunities for data analysis

We produce and exploit ever more data, which has become an all-important resource for policy makers, researchers and businesses, as it provides them with information that is useful for their activities. However, the processing of this data generates risks for individuals, communities and organisations. The use of personal data in particular can constitute a breach […]

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Simulated data on household activity: we evaluate how realistic it really is!

  To ensure that these ambient intelligence approaches perform well, data collection must take place over several weeks and is very often laborious due to the range of different environments and living situations. Home Activity Simulator therefore seeks to build these datasets not by using sensors in real houses, but by recreating these houses in […]

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Detecting and characterising cognitive and affective states

  As Laetitia Gros points out at a conference at Orange’s 2021 Research Exhibition, this is in line with a very obvious trend: an increasing number of tools for measuring emotions (EEG or electroencephalographic headsets and watches) are soon to be available on the market. A question mark remains over the relevance of these tools, […]

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Remote working put to the test during lockdown: what lessons can we learn for remote working in the future?

Recent analyses from the French Statistical Office for Labour and Employment (DARES) [1] are a reminder of the low rate of remote working in France. In 2017, only 3% of employees worked remotely at least one day a week, where this is understood as a form of work organisation that: requires the use of digital […]

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Draw to sign in

The PIN is dead, long live the PIN! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), your phone is now able to recognise your handwriting. A new mobile app developed by a team of researchers from Rennes, France [1] will allow you to log in by writing on your smartphone. Replacing the famous virtual keyboard used for typing […]

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Between connection and disconnection: how to regulate working practices?

The development of remote working, accelerated by the digital development, is reshaping the boundaries between private and professional lives, with an ever more continuous connection.

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Differential Privacy or how to anonymize datas while managing its usage?

Is it possible to identify one person whose data are scrambled among numerous data? Is it possible to cross multiple different anonymous data sources with different formats to reidentify one person? Yes it is and some articles have shown it. That’s why anonymization technologies are evolving to bring always more privacy guarantees and Differential Privacy is […]

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Sébastien Canard, a cryptographer who is good for you

In the early 2000s, Sébastien Canard is offered a thesis at Orange. His supervisor is none other than the eminent Marc Girault, expert in cryptography who manages the R&D of the group: “Marc Girault is a bit like my mentor. He taught me cryptography and I often had the opportunity to work with him. “After […]

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Sajida Zouarhi, a PhD student takes us inside the universe of blockchain

Every year, Orange Labs recruits around forty PhD students specialised in various fields, integrated in a research team and supervised by the company and a research laboratory. In 2014, Sajida Zouarhi was one of these students, thanks to a thesis on the “guarantee of quality of service for critical data transmission”. A subject which gave her […]

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Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann builds your profile, using your smartphone

“I genuinely consider myself to be an official member of France Telecom”, he said with a grin. Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann joined Orange Labs Caen in 1988. At that time, it was a SEPT (Joint Research Department of La Poste and France Telecom), and it was there that he entered into the game. “I started working on […]

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Disconnection: a right and a duty…?

There have been over 20 million smartphones sold. It is in 2015 that the milestone was reached for the first time in France. An increase of 7% compared to the previous year, according to the firm GfK. A growing trend is confirmed in the uses: 62% of French people own a smartphone while one out […]

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Track yourself

Quantified self: six questions for Anne-Sylvie Pharabod, sociologist in the SENSE laboratory at Orange Labs and co-author of a study on quantified self practices.