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Smart vehicles: new technology beams 3D images of obstacles into drivers’ eyes

• Cambridge University researcher Jana Skirnewskaja has developed a solution to improve road safety that makes use of LiDAR data to identify obstacles that may not be visible to drivers.
• The technology displays augmented-reality, 3D images that are aligned in size and distance with real-life obstacles within the driver’s field of view.
• Developed in partnership with Google London's inclusive design team, the technology is intended to be accessible to all, enabling drivers to adjust the brightness and colours of images, and customize the information displayed according to their preferences.
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Integrated AI: smartphone gadgets, and productivity tools for PCs

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Le dispositif biosymbiotique mis au point par Phillip Gutruf et ses collaborateurs se recharge sans fil. Avec l’aimable autorisation de Max Farley et Tucker Stuart The biosymbiotic device developed by Phillip Gutruf and his collaborators charges wirelessly. Courtesy of Max Farley and Tucker Stuart

Digital divide: LoRa IoT devices for medical monitoring

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IoT: first digital vision, and now digital olfaction

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The thwarted promises of graphene in microelectronics

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Word of innovation: network core

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