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Neuroprosthetics, virtual reality, and AI tackle motor disabilities

The Clinatec research centre’s Brain Computer Interface (BCI) project “For the first time, a tetraplegic patient was able to walk and control both arms using this neuroprosthetic, which records, transmits, and decodes brain signals in real-time to control an exoskeleton”, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) proudly announced in October 2019. Developed […]

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Robotics, AI and blockchain at the heart of the healthcare of tomorrow

Robotics and digital imaging fostered the development of “minimally invasive” techniques. The convergence of intensive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) is now speeding up basic and clinical medical research, and is fostering the development of healthcare that is both personalised and predictive. As for blockchain, it offers a framework that helps address the challenges brought […]

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Additive manufacturing is making its mark

Buildings erected in just a few days Concrete 3D printing is starting to emerge in the construction industry, with projects relying on this technology having proliferated over the last few years. 3D-printed social housing was thus inaugurated in Nantes in 2018. It is a 95 m2 house comprising 5 rooms and a set of complex architectural […]

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Data sharing, distributed factories: open source against Covid-19

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, thousands of open source projects have been emerging across the world to model the pandemic and develop solutions to mitigate the shortage of equipment. On GitHub for example there are over 25,000 repositories associated with Covid-19. In parallel, scientific research is opening up like never before. Institutions such […]

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A word of innovation: Brain-Computer Interface

A Brain-Computer Interface is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of a particular kind, as it provides direct communication with the human brain. Through thought, a user can thus remotely control a computer or a smart object. Freed from the chain of psychomotor reactions between the brain, the nerves, and the muscles, a BCI delivers much shorter […]

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Six uses of AI that serve a more humane society

Artificial intelligence to serve health, justice, and the environment… Six surprising applications of AI

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

Show Hello 2018: Live Module, a smart booster to connect devices using LTE-M

Orange launches the Live Module, a ready-to-use module that quickly and easily makes devices connected (“smart”), with various potential applications.

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Connected objects past… and future

Born from the "connection" of objects to a communication network, for the past decade the Internet of Things has not stopped widening the field of possibilities.

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Action through thought, from fantasy to reality?

Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) are direct communication devices between the brain and an external device such as an electronic system, a computer or a tablet, etc., allowing a person to act through thought. How? First, brain activity is recorded, usually through electrodes placed on the skull, that is to say, the electrical signals emitted when focusing […]

Better me / health

Video games as therapy against depression?

Many researchers are convinced that as part of the fight against and a cure for depression, video games could be as effective as psychotherapy. Research around hypothetical therapeutic video games is not a new fantasy but rather a working axis cleared from work carried out in the mid-1990s by some experts for children with autism. […]

Pillo, l’assistant santé à domicile Better me / Artificial Intelligence

Pillo, the home health assistant

Pillo Hello, can you introduce yourself? My name Pillo and I was created in New York last year. My name is derived from the English word “pill”, pilule in French, because I am able to manage my hosts’ medication. I remind them how and when to take their treatment, for example. Since it is very easy to forget […]

Better me / health

When technology is at the service of disability

Exoskeletons for assistance to effort, human-machine interfaces, bionic implants and even neuroprostheses (thought-controlled prostheses)… In recent years, the spectacular advances in technology for disability have opened up a new field of possibilities. Overview of available innovations today (or almost), which allow many people to regain autonomy and equally make society more inclusive. An exoskeleton to […]