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Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Six uses of AI that serve a more humane society

Artificial intelligence to serve health, justice, and the environment… Six surprising applications of AI

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

Show Hello 2018: Live Module, a smart booster to connect devices using LTE-M

Orange launches the Live Module, a ready-to-use module that quickly and easily makes devices connected (“smart”), with various potential applications.

Better me / Internet of things

Connected objects past… and future

Born from the "connection" of objects to a communication network, for the past decade the Internet of Things has not stopped widening the field of possibilities.

Better me / Research

Action through thought, from fantasy to reality?

Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) are direct communication devices between the brain and an external device such as an electronic system, a computer or a tablet, etc., allowing a person to act through thought. How? First, brain activity is recorded, usually through electrodes placed on the skull, that is to say, the electrical signals emitted when focusing […]

Better me / health

Video games as therapy against depression?

Many researchers are convinced that as part of the fight against and a cure for depression, video games could be as effective as psychotherapy. Research around hypothetical therapeutic video games is not a new fantasy but rather a working axis cleared from work carried out in the mid-1990s by some experts for children with autism. […]

Pillo, l’assistant santé à domicile Better me / Artificial Intelligence

Pillo, the home health assistant

Pillo Hello, can you introduce yourself? My name Pillo and I was created in New York last year. My name is derived from the English word “pill”, pilule in French, because I am able to manage my hosts’ medication. I remind them how and when to take their treatment, for example. Since it is very easy to forget […]

Better me / health

When technology is at the service of disability

Exoskeletons for assistance to effort, human-machine interfaces, bionic implants and even neuroprostheses (thought-controlled prostheses)… In recent years, the spectacular advances in technology for disability have opened up a new field of possibilities. Overview of available innovations today (or almost), which allow many people to regain autonomy and equally make society more inclusive. An exoskeleton to […]