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Financial practices of Dakar’s informal sector entrepreneurs and mobile money

Africa is currently experiencing an unprecedented digital boom. Orange, a major player in this digital transformation, invests heavily in emerging countries, developing innovative services and participating in research programmes and pilot projects, particularly in connection with sustainable development objectives (financial inclusion, education, health, etc.).  This article provides an overview of the financial practices of informal […]

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Benefits and challenges of a machine learning system in managing email overload at work

The growth of email use at work since the 1990s has resulted in a continual increase in the number of messages exchanged. Many studies on this increase have shown the adverse consequences on workers and their performance (“cognitive overload”, interruptions, fragmentation of work, or stress [1, 2]). To reduce these consequences, many technological and organizational […]

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Orange experiments with an open source aerial network at the French Windsurf Championships!

The spectators of the French Windsurf Championships have had the opportunity to experience real-time immersion thanks to a connectivity bubble.

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Informal economy and mobile in Dakar: contrasting professional usages

In sub-Saharan Africa, the informal economy is everywhere and through it the digital transformation of the continent is taking place. The example of Dakar.

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Using mobile phone data to fight epidemics

Beyond the biological contagion – pathogens’ jump from one person to the next and between locations -, there is another element of contagion, of a more social nature, that may also affect infection processes. This is the spread of ideas and thoughts (i.e. norms around health behaviors like alcohol and smoke consumption, prevention measures adoption, […]

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How digital technology is supporting informal employment in Africa

The role of partnerships in supporting the informal sector Launched in 2013 under the auspices of Bel Access, the Bel group’s social incubator, the Sharing Cities programme is part of this new approach. It aims to call on existing street vendor networks to sell La Vache Qui Rit cheese products in several big cities in […]

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IFADEM: Sustained practices after a mobile based teacher training project

In 2009, Orange has partnered with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) to launch the Malagasy version of a distance – training project for primary school teachers: IFADEM. The project, which had already been implemented in various African countries, seeks to provide teachers with pedagogical methods and […]