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Additive manufacturing is making its mark

Buildings erected in just a few days Concrete 3D printing is starting to emerge in the construction industry, with projects relying on this technology having proliferated over the last few years. 3D-printed social housing was thus inaugurated in Nantes in 2018. It is a 95 m2 house comprising 5 rooms and a set of complex architectural […]

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Fairphone 3 and Livebox 5: more “responsible” devices

Orange has been pursuing an eco-friendly, pro-circular economy approach for a long time due to its awareness of the digital industry’s environmental impact. It showed its commitment to being eco-friendly with the Fairphone 3, a smartphone with detachable parts that comes with a screwdriver. Julien Giner, a Project Manager at Orange, explained this unique quality […]

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Interfaces that are more and more intuitive: joint interview with James Auger and Albert Moukheiber

James Auger, a designer, and Albert Moukheiber, a neuroscience researcher, discuss the integration of cognitive biases into the development of technological interfaces (devices, voice assistants, connected objects...) and advocate for digital education.

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“Maisonas” to prepare the home of the future

Orange has established six archetypes of homes, dwellings, and occupants, "the maisonas", so as to better configure the smart home of the future.

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Modules featuring in-built cellular connectivity are going to revolutionise the Internet of Things

An IoT market divided between cellular and non-cellular technologies The connected objects market and the entire IoT ecosystem is currently divided between long-range technologies and non-cellular short-range technologies. Short-range technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave are all available to manufacturers and currently equip a large number of the connected objects on the market. […]

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Innovation inspired by nature’s genius

Biomimicry offers tangible opportunities for the future, and is the act of using nature-inspired solutions to solve human challenges posed by societies, whilst reducing material and energy consumption. France is already committed to making energy and environment transitions, and is showing increasing interest in this multidisciplinary approach. For the second year in a row, it […]

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Meaningful interfaces

What will the interfaces of the future look like? A question that the daily paper already answers and where users have to appeal to their senses. One thing is certain: they will not (or anymore) look like a remote control or a controller. A little over a year ago, the New York Company Ray released […]

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Inside the Black Boxes by Fabien Zocco

Can you present your background and your approach? I am a plastic artist. I studied in Poitiers where obtained a degree in history as well as Fine Arts. That is where my passion for digital art began. I was interested in the relationship between technology and language, an approach I developed in a post-diploma course […]

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Aleksandra Guerraz discusses transcripts

“We may not necessarily notice it, but automatic processing of natural language is present almost everywhere to some extent: in spell checkers, in automatic translators, in search engines, in online chat agents…”  Of Polish origin, Aleksandra Guerraz arrived in Paris in 2000 to take a degree in Language Sciences.  She quickly became interested in the […]

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A tangible touch in a digital life

Regressive retro delights are a well-known phenomenon in our societies governed by the acceleration of technological innovation and new products. The faster it goes, the more one is tempted to slow down; the newer it is, the more one dives back into the former, the old. This brings regular waves of nostalgia in song or […]

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In search of the perfect immersive sound experience

Seeking to deliver that solution, in 2016, Theo Lainé, Orange TV Product Marketing Director fixed up a meeting with one Alain Molinié during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest consumer trade show for electronics technology innovation. “Alain Molinié,” he says, “is the co-founder of AwoX.” Recently, AwoX acquired Cabasse, a French firm […]

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Domesticate technology and bring it into our lives

Presentation of “Curious Rituals” - the new gestures linked to everyday digital applications - by Nicolas Nova, the interface design researcher.