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Words of innovation 3.0: tech experts explain!

Differentiating between virtual and augmented reality, understanding what is behind blockchain technology or the Metaverse, grasping the concepts of APIs, open source, or machine learning, all of which are mentioned in the media on a daily basis: it’s difficult! Popularizers of the tech world decipher in a simple way these technologies that contribute to the […]

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Women in Tech

Women now hold only 24% of all digital jobs worldwide. Orange, attentive to diversity in each country where it operates, promotes the representation of women and men in activities related to new technologies. We are taking concrete action to change attitudes and combat stereotypes: – Offering programs such as “shadowing” allows young girls to discover, […]

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Journey Through the Metaverse: Technology is Ready, But Stakeholders Need to Link Up

The digital sector’s major stakeholders agree that it is not a question of if the metaverse will become a reality, but when. From user experience and telecoms infrastructure to human-machine interfaces, the entire metaverse value chain relies on several technological building blocks. Some of these components are well advanced already, while others still need to […]

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Using Blockchain and Machine Learning to Protect Copyrights

Creators have a hard time protecting their works in the digital age, with images being published on the Internet without authors’ permission or being misused to feed fake news. The sheer number of images posted online every day and the high cost of protection tools currently on the market make this task even more difficult! […]

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Blockchain to the rescue of professional sport?

Since the creation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, many sectors have become interested in blockchain, such as agri-food, healthcare or energy. This distributed and decentralised data storage and transmission technology is also spreading into the world of sport. Beyond the hype, it could help build technical solutions to problems that the industry has had for a […]

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5 cutting-edge technologies that are changing the game

Energy: blockchain is speeding up microgrids The features of blockchain could be a lever for modernising the energy system. Blockchain enables the distributed, secure, transparent recording and storage of energy and transaction flows. It can be used to track energy consumption in real time or to have knowledge of the asset portfolios of all participants. […]

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Robotics, AI and blockchain at the heart of the healthcare of tomorrow

Robotics and digital imaging fostered the development of “minimally invasive” techniques. The convergence of intensive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) is now speeding up basic and clinical medical research, and is fostering the development of healthcare that is both personalised and predictive. As for blockchain, it offers a framework that helps address the challenges brought […]

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Folder: Blockchain, from promises to results

Blockchain technology could profoundly alter the performance of many sectors of the economy, starting with banking, insurance and logistics. Concrete use cases are being planned. However, few players have developed revolutionary solutions and the potential of blockchain technology is still difficult to grasp.

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Innovation at the service of smart waste management

An essential component of the “smart city”, smart waste management with digital and technological innovations enables public bodies and specialised businesses to find new answers to the challenges of the ecological transition and competitiveness. Optimising waste collection thanks to the IoT Based on the “smart bin” concept – sensors installed on waste containers measure their […]

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KeeeX, the startup that enables document certification

How did your startup, KeeeX, come to be? Originally, the idea was to turn any type of document into an “augmented” file via technical metadata and proofs of integrity, identity and date, a file whose cryptographic fingerprint could be anchored, or not, in the blockchain. Our added value lies in the fact that the proofs […]

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Blockchain improves food traceability, from farm to fork

What is the food blockchain promising? To make supply chains more secure, transparent, and efficient.

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Small towns also embrace the IoT

In small and medium-sized peri-urban areas, O-CELL is deploying simple, turnkey IoT solutions to monitor public buildings.