Our lives are being changed by the access we have to digital networks. The majority of the world’s population now has mobile coverage and half of it uses the Internet. From mobile networks like 5G and fibre connections to the very high-speed infrastructures installed around the world; from the depths of the ocean floor to outer space, explore the innovations that are transforming our interconnected world.

Uncovering the invisible: underwater connections, by Agnès de Cayeux

A call for projects has been launched for Art Factory’s pilot season, with two themes for artists to explore: The materiality of the network and the world of LoRa. Today, we talk with Agnès de Cayeux, a Net Art artist since the 1990s, who works with all forms of multimedia.
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Orange presents the 5G

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Le Li-Fi, une alternative pertinente et complémentaire au réseau Wi-Fi

Li-Fi, a relevant and complementary alternative to the Wi-Fi network

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In the Pelagos Sanctuary, whales can sleep peacefully!

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The Internet of Energy has introduced a new breakthrough in the energy sector

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