Let’s design the 5G network together with the Plug’in platform

Plug’in is both a technological integration platform and a live testing space.

Beginning in 2020, 5G will be improving energy performance by offering ultra-high speed that’s more reliable, more powerful and more efficient. And in addition, it also promises developments in new uses and business models.

For this to happen, Orange teams believe that the 5G network will have to be flexible, smart, secure and reliable. 5G promises a connectivity revolution, which means that the way in which networks are designed and managed will have to be reinvented. Plug’in, the integrated research platform launched by Orange and open to a number of players, is designed to help solve the four major challenges posed by this revolution: meeting the exponential needs created by connectivity, transforming networks based on software, designing the network management experience and, of course, managing energy consumption.

Plug’in enables many contributors to build the world of tomorrow, together: these include operators, users, researchers, developers and designers. For its part, Orange is taking its network know-how, its 5G and virtualization expertise and the power of its international capabilities and putting them to use in the Plug’in platform.

Currently, the shared challenge will be in developing and testing 5G usage and technologies in real-world conditions. That is why Plug’in is offering two environments: a sandbox for software development to create, test and integrate 5G technologies, a live testing space, and a highly realistic prototype of the network management center: the cockpit.

What’s at stake with this integrated and open research platform? It’s essential! Because soon, we’ll need ambient connectivity almost as much as the air we breathe.

Let’s connect!

Plug’in is both a technological integration platform and a live testing space.

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