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Healthcare: will algorithms soon be taking decisions instead of doctors?

● Researchers in Austria have developed an algorithm capable of formulating treatment decisions that are more effective than those taken by doctors.
● The research has raised questions about healthcare decisions, algorithmic bias and responsibility for artificial intelligence.
● A professor of radiation oncology and artificial intelligence researcher, Jean-Emmanuel Bibault discusses what is at stake.
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Balcony modernizes location-based mass communication

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concept car Software République - VivaTech 2023

The Universal Interface and Many Other Innovations of Software République’s Concept Car

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GettyImages - Firecell 5G logistics logistique

Firecell Simplifies 5G B2B Private Networks

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Vyntelligence: Video Notes for Operators in the Field

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Big data & sports

Artificial intelligence and big data are changing the game for professional athletes

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A man uses a virtual reality headset

The metaverse: the future of the internet and digital practices

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