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With the aim of sharing the latest developments in Orange’s research, the Research Blog lets our researchers have their say. They tell us about their work as well as sharing their visions and convictions regarding the technological disruptions and changes in society that are unfolding. It’s a place to interact with people who are passionate about the future of our digital and human world.

Douse that light: Advocating energy-aware networking

What if networks were able to consider energy as an intel that would contribute to not only optimize their energy consumption, but also improve resource usage and traffic forwarding efficiency?
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Clean Air Defender: Addressing societal concerns through connectivity technologies


Can Chatbots Really Influence Us?

Une jeune femme inquiète se tient la tête entre les mains

Cyberbullying and unclear definitions: the research approach and introducing effective measures

A man having his face scanned by a tablet for better audiovisual recognition

Better Hearing Through Seeing: Separating Voices in an Audiovisual Stream

Someone connects a smartphone to a connected object

Keeping an Eye on Connected Objects


What if, one day, cash ceases to exist? Hopes and anxieties of the cashless society