White Paper: Sustainability-focused Mobile Technologies for 2030 and Beyond

• In a new white paper on mobile communications for the decade 2030–2040, the Orange Group argues that society needs to be a stakeholder in the design of the networks of the future.
• This approach is part of a global rationale of sustainability.
• Research Program Manager Marie-Hélène Hamon discusses the dynamics of innovation in mobile network technologies, the importance of societal dialogue and some of the expected technical developments.
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Cover of the white paper about future network technology - couverture du livre blanc réseaux du futur
GettyImages - radio propagation - AI IA

Optimal Mobile Coverage with Data and AI

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GettyImages - Hexa-X-II

Hexa-X-II: the European flagship project leading the way towards a sustainable 6G

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Open RAN Sharing Makes Shared Access Networks More Open

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Connecting Drones to 4G/5G: What Are the Research Challenges?

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The great names of innovation: Hedy Lamarr

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