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Laser, dedicated protocol and material: the future of space telecoms

The role of space telecommunications is to establish contact between astronauts and mission control centres, as well as to retrieve data from the scientific research carried out in space or that gathered by the various space vehicles (equipped with measuring instruments, cameras, etc.). With human presence set to become permanent and more intense, it is […]

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Improving the energy efficiency of connected objects

  The reconfigurable compact antenna can radiate in eight different ways and spatial modulation assigns a meaning to each radiation mode in “bits”. To send a binary message, all you have to do is alternate between these eight radiation modes. This technique therefore makes it possible to communicate with a single radio amplifier by transmitting […]

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Open RAN: European carriers gain momentum

Open RAN promises more open, flexible, innovative and efficient radio access networks. These features will be expressed as much on the carrier side, in terms of deployment and operation, as for end customers who will benefit particularly from improved service quality. Stimulate the ecosystem, accelerate developments The agreement formalised on 20 January 2021 and signed […]

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The keys to analysis for navigating the world of IoT technology

Estimates of the number of connected things in the world vary but agree that the figure will exceed the number of people in the world. The growth of the IoT sphere has an obvious consequence: the enablers (tools) that support it are expanding, developing and shaping a complex technological landscape. Behind the acronym, there is […]

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O-RAN Alliance: opening up the 5G networks

The roll out of 5G requires new access networks (RAN). To this end, the alliance of O-RAN operators aims to achieve openness in the market, coding and RAN interfaces.

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“You are here”: a brief history of geolocation

In terms of geolocation, for a long time, American “GPS” technology was at the root of users’ happiness.

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Energy-Free Communication gives wings to connected objects

Energy-Free Communication is a process experimented by Orange during the Salon de la Recherche 2017, enabling the connection of objects with no wires or battery, and without emitting a single extra wave.

Quand le drone augmente l’agriculteur Internet of things  /  Article

When a drone elevates the farmer

A trendy gadget, the drone also meets professional needs. It employs many technological innovations: from lithium and GPS, to Wi-Fi, gyroscopes and a 4K camera.

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A brief history of the communication techniques

From the writing to social networks, including the invention of Internet, television or radio, a little historical summary of the main steps of the communication techniques.

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A brief history of the landline from copper to All-IP

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Le Li-Fi, une alternative pertinente et complémentaire au réseau Wi-Fi Networks and IT  /  Article

Li-Fi, a relevant and complementary alternative to the Wi-Fi network

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have accelerated the use of the internet. Communications are increasing everywhere, all the time. The exchanged data volumes are exploding and in turn, the number of connected devices is expected to reach between 30 and 60 billion in 2020. A power context in which Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) could shake […]