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Quantum technologies: small scale, big destiny

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How could quantum computing help in the fight against climate change?

Managing the intermittency of renewable energies Quantum computing should speed up machine learning, thus enabling electricity providers to include more variables and predict the availability of intermittent renewable energy sources. Quantum optimization algorithms could be used to identify the best spots for installing solar power plants or wind farms according to sun or wind sites. […]

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Quantum computer: startup Pasqal is banking on cold atoms

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize the area of intensive computing and open up new possibilities for solving certain specific problems, deemed intractable, within a reasonable timeframe. The construction of a quantum computer does however come up against several obstacles. The largest of these being decoherence, that is to say the fact that the system […]

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Quantum sensors are beginning to leave the laboratories

The contributions of the properties of quantum physics are not limited to the quantum computer, cryptography, or communication systems. In the future, we can also rely on quantum sensors, which use the extreme sensitivity of the quantum states of a photon, an electron or an atom, to make extremely precise measurements. Thanks to this unique […]

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Why quantum internet is moving us

Teleportation is no longer only associated with science fiction. Today it is now possible in a kind of reality, more precisely in the infinitely small and in quantum bits in particular, which are known as qubits. Where digital information is based on bits – strings of 0s and 1s – qubits are superpositions of 0s […]

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And encryption came out of the light!

Over the centuries, people have continually explored new encryption methods to keep sensitive information confidential, with one technique replacing another. The first methods were based on replacing letters or numbers. World War II saw the advent of encryption machines, including the famous Enigma. Since then, things have gained speed with advances in computing and, more […]

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The race is on to build the quantum internet

“Quantum Key Distribution”, or QKD, will undoubtedly be the first technology to make practical use of the potential applications of quantum physics outside the laboratory. Such is the three-year goal set by the European project entitled OpenQKD, which brings together research centres and industry partners from thirteen different countries. For Europe, OpenQKD is a pilot […]

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Orange and the quantum technologies for the security of data exchange

Quantum Physics: from everyday life applications to network security The word “quantum” relates to the world of the infinitely small, therefore the constituent elements of matter (molecules, atoms, particles, etc.). The objects around us respect the laws of classical physics for space and time: for example, if a car is traveling from point A to […]

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Quantum computing is breaking down the barriers of cryptography

When postulating that the number of transistors on a chip would double every year, cofounder of Intel Gordon Moore predicted that the industry would reach a physical limit around 2020, that of the size of atoms. Quantum physics, which studies atom behaviour, is being called upon to extend “Moore’s law”. Applied to computing, the quantum […]

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Experimenting quantum key exchange over the Côte d’Azur

Orange is involved in the University of Côte d’Azur’s Quantum@UCA project on quantum cryptographic key exchange over a city network.

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Emotion in AI to serve Humans

Discover how the machine could interact with Humans in 2064, to serve them.

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Quantum computer

A quantum computer makes use of the surprising properties of quantum physics to solve certain complex problems to which conventional computers cannot find a solution.