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The open source

To put it simply, it is in fact a software whose code is designed to be publicly accessible. The open source is actually a license applied to software, but also to any intellectual creation. In the scenario of a software, this license thus indicates that everyone can check its source code. Everyone will then be […]

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Words of innovation 3.0: tech experts explain!

Differentiating between virtual and augmented reality, understanding what is behind blockchain technology or the Metaverse, grasping the concepts of APIs, open source, or machine learning, all of which are mentioned in the media on a daily basis: it’s difficult! Popularizers of the tech world decipher in a simple way these technologies that contribute to the […]

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Open science: the principles and tools of more accessible and efficient science

Open science is based on the idea that research results must leave the universities and laboratories to be disseminated across the whole of society. To achieve this, it is necessary to make scientific publications and data freely accessible to all (to researchers but also to individuals and businesses). Yet today, access to scientific knowledge – […]

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MWC 2021: With Pikeo, 5G Networks Switch to the Cloud and Become Autonomous

Previous generations of mobile networks were largely based on more monolithic and confined proprietary solutions, but 5G allows greater openness and flexibility, building on the advantages of cloud architectures and open-source technologies. Preparing the Networks of the Future Established technologies in the world of IT and service platforms are now being applied to networks: automation, […]

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CNCF: A Co-Innovation Space at the Heart of the Cloud Native Revolution

Cloud Native technologies enable companies to enhance their business agility and innovation, helping them adapt to their market. Cloud Native is an extension of the infrastructure services provided by cloud computing, including access to storage, memory, networks and so on, in an ‘as-a-Service’ model. “Cloud Native promotes agile and modular architectures—all with their own lifecycles—that […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) meeting the needs of trading ports

  This evaluation is carried out using a replicable solution for data collection and processing. The project is structured around three lines of action: – identifying and defining scientific models and algorithms to evaluate the different components of the environmental impact of port activity; – providing a replicable, open source platform for collecting diverse data, […]

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Shared computing: putting PCs to use in the fight against diseases

In March 2020, distributed computing project Folding@home exceeded the symbolic threshold of the exaflop and reached a computing speed superior to that of IBM’s Summit, the most powerful supercomputer at the time (since superseded by Fujitsu’s Fugaku). This feat was made possible thanks to the mobilisation of thousands of internet users, businesses and public institutions, […]

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An end-to-end open source mobile network with traffic prioritization mechanism

During the past few years, Telecommunications industry was characterized by continuous evolution and integration of innovative concepts. Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Cloud technologies are changing the way mobile networks are designed, deployed, and operated [1]. SDN improves network architecture by bringing dynamic scalability, easier management, and reducing the required manual effort. […]

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Open source drives the networks of the future

Linux Foundation Networking (LFN), the networking division of the Linux Foundation, is a not-for-profit consortium that brings together thousands of contributors, including some of the largest companies in the industry, with the goal of redefining the way in which the networks and services of tomorrow are created. “The open source world is based on merit, […]

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Baah Box: find the right muscle!

When a person has the use of only one limb – either from birth or as a result of an accident – it can be difficult to know which muscle to use to operate a prosthetic. Myoelectric prostheses are very pricey – €17,000 to €60,000 – and prior to implant, they require training that puts […]

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Customer files checked by virtual agents in Senegal

The work carried out by the Orange Nomad Back Office team in Senegal seems never-ending and futile. Day after day, the team’s 17 members manually process 15,000 subscription requests submitted by resellers on the ground via the Nomad platform. When AI helps humans Their work involves verifying the authenticity of identity cards sent in the […]

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Orange experiments with an open source aerial network at the French Windsurf Championships!

The spectators of the French Windsurf Championships have had the opportunity to experience real-time immersion thanks to a connectivity bubble.