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Intellectual property, a marker of innovation

Networks and IT  /  Article

A brief history of the communication techniques

From the writing to social networks, including the invention of Internet, television or radio, a little historical summary of the main steps of the communication techniques.

Internet of things  /  Article

Connected objects past… and future

Born from the "connection" of objects to a communication network, for the past decade the Internet of Things has not stopped widening the field of possibilities.

Networks and IT  /  Article

A brief history of the landline from copper to All-IP

Digital culture  /  Article

They composed the new digital alphabet

Networks and IT  /  Article

A brief history of underwater connections

Between underwater epics and technological breaks, a return to the odyssey of underwater intercontinental connections that have brought men together for nearly 170 years.

Internet of things  /  Article

From analogue to digital – the technology that revolutionised TV, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband.

Since that time, this transmission technology has gone from strength to strength. Whether you watch digital terrestrial TV or surf the web at home using WiFi, or out and about using 4G mobile broadband, OFDM underpins it all. Today it’s mainstream and invisible to most users, but it was, and remains, the origin of a […]

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From bartering to contactless: a brief history of payment methods

Artificial intelligence  /  Article

A brief history of computing tools

Networks and IT  /  Article

From 1G to 5G

From the 80s’ to 2020, quick overview of five decades of mobile standards and consumer usage.

Digital culture  /  Article

Connected from 7 to 77 years

Youngsters, adults and seniors : all connected, but not in the same way. Overview in some key figures.