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A journey into the metaverse: marketing opportunities in a connected and persistent world

There is no academic consensus on the definition of the metaverse, except that it is certainly the future of the internet. Facebook, the video game Fortnite, Microsoft… Each stakeholder seems to be designing their own vision of the metaverse. For Matthew Ball, author of the book Metaverse Primer and speaker at the Orange Silicon Valley […]

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AI breaks the sound barrier

The story of artificial intelligence and text recognition dates back many years, but sound recognition is a much more recent endeavour and, as a field of research, is still in the teething stages. The subtleties of sound are a major challenge for machines in terms of assimilation, and understanding those subtleties can be very difficult. […]

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Do serious games help you learn?

In recent decades, games have been used as a model for designing various schemes, including teaching. “Gamification”, the application of game-design elements in non-game situations, has arisen as part of the popularisation of video gaming since the 1990s. Gamification promises the same in all fields: It is based on the idea that a game is […]

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Future 20XX, the future in play

Could a game help us to reflect on the world of tomorrow and conceive of a common future? This is the premise of Future 20XX, an applied game published by Orange under Creative Commons.

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Seniors awaken at the joysticks

It’s 2pm on this Thursday in Spring; la Gaîté lyrique opens its doors and welcomes, like it does every day, tens of visitors who come to explore the innumerable resources dedicated to the digital culture with which the institution of the Paris Mayor’s Office, located ten minutes’ walk from the Centre Pompidou, is teeming. A […]

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Did you know?

Sport is gaining ground in videogames and has generated revenue of 500 million dollars globally in 2016, including 50 million in France. Sources: SNJV, Deloitte – Les chiffres-clés du secteur du jeu vidéo en France – eSports: bigger and smaller than you think

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Game theory: definitely not child’s play…

What is game theory? It’s a field of mathematics that has been growing since the 1950s. What we call a “game” is an interaction situation where participants take decisions that impact others. Depending on the context, and on whether participants are acting simultaneously or sequentially, and according to the possibilities offered to them or what […]

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Action through thought, from fantasy to reality?

Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) are direct communication devices between the brain and an external device such as an electronic system, a computer or a tablet, etc., allowing a person to act through thought. How? First, brain activity is recorded, usually through electrodes placed on the skull, that is to say, the electrical signals emitted when focusing […]

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Video games as therapy against depression?

Many researchers are convinced that as part of the fight against and a cure for depression, video games could be as effective as psychotherapy. Research around hypothetical therapeutic video games is not a new fantasy but rather a working axis cleared from work carried out in the mid-1990s by some experts for children with autism. […]