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Djoliba, the unified network boosting connectivity in West Africa

While the connectivity rate for people in Africa has grown dramatically in recent years, it faces a growing need and must address the challenges of landlocked areas as well. Of the continent’s connectivity projects, which are expanding network accessibility, one is characterised by an innovative approach to its design and operation. A unified and secure […]

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Fibre-wireless performance

Introduction In 1889, Nikola Tesla created a high-frequency radio generator. A few years later, he tested the world’s first wireless communication. Then, in 1897, Guglielmo Marconi accomplished the first radio communication, using Morse code signals, over a distance of 14 km in Great Britain. This marked the beginning of the remarkable progression of radio communication through […]

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Telecoms networks well-equipped to deal with traffic peaks.

Networks today are based on IP (Internet Protocol), with all usages (voice, internet data, TV, video) and data being carried in the form of IP packets on fibre optics and managed by routers. Network congestion occurs when the number of data packets to be transported from a source to a destination exceeds its capacity. In […]

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The DWDM technique makes it possible to carry more data over longer distances on the same fibre optic cable.

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Networks to the test of climate change

Repeated natural disasters compel operators and regional authorities to reinforce network resilience.

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Submarine cables: the global highways of information

The submarine cables that today carry 99 % of intercontinental internet traffic have progressed substantially since the 19th century, and their uses don’t stop evolving.

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Ghislain Guillochon: Networks infrastructures Project manager in International networks management

Mobile boom, submarine cables, evolution of networks in Africa: Ghislain Guillochon (Orange Labs, Lannion) presents the support he provides to Orange's subsidiaries in the area of international traffic.

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Very high speed internet access via 5G to complement the Fibre network

Orange is currently testing fixed access to very high speed internet through 5G, as a complement to fibre. Wireless, high-performance, agile, very high speed internet access.

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Fixed-line web access with 5G: Romania is testing a solution to complement fibre network up to the home

This summer, Orange will be conducting a full-scale test of fixed-line web access with 5G with its retail customers in Romania for very high-speed internet.

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A brief history of the landline from copper to All-IP

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A brief history of underwater connections

Between underwater epics and technological breaks, a return to the odyssey of underwater intercontinental connections that have brought men together for nearly 170 years.

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The Internet of Energy has introduced a new breakthrough in the energy sector

While the Energy Information Administration, the US Agency for Energy Information, predicts an increase in global energy consumption by 48% in less than thirty years, imagine what solutions could be used for successful energy transition, limiting the environmental impact of the energy system and thus contributing to a sustainable planet? Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of […]