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Financial competence, a model for measuring financial literacy around the world

This paper is part of a PhD research project on financial literacy, backed by Orange and the University of Nantes. The purpose of this thesis is twofold: to define the frameworks for financial literacy tailored to young adults and their financial situations and to propose recommendations for an educational tool. Financial education is about how […]

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Home accounting: can self-tracking help improve financial management skills?

Of all the digital tools available today for tracking activities, banking apps for monitoring spending stand out for their success. In France, 55% of people have downloaded at least one such app, and 89% of them check it at least once a week [1]. Initially offered via personal spaces on banking websites, account tracking tools […]

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Do serious games help you learn?

In recent decades, games have been used as a model for designing various schemes, including teaching. “Gamification”, the application of game-design elements in non-game situations, has arisen as part of the popularisation of video gaming since the 1990s. Gamification promises the same in all fields: It is based on the idea that a game is […]

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Training breaks new ground with 5G

Like many other sectors, workplace learning (AFEST — action de formation en situation de travail) has been implemented very differently since the start of the year due to the pandemic situation. Remote learning has become more important than ever, reaffirming the value of the digitalisation and innovation processes that began a few years ago. A […]

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The age to learn: conditions for digital learning in companies

In current discourse about digital divides, age emerges as one of the main explanatory factors. The idea that young people are very comfortable with digital technology, and that seniors are much less at ease with it, is deeply rooted, including in the world of work. Based on an analysis of experimental digital training techniques, we […]

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Orange and the scientific community — Interview with Gérard Berry

What is the mission of the Orange Scientific Council? It is an advisory body that aims to help the company’s management in its understanding of the world by providing it with advice and recommendations on broader scientific issues that concern it. We are, of course, interested in the so-called “hard” sciences—IT, telecoms, networks etc.—but also […]

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Financial literacy: an essential awareness

More and more countries are becoming aware that it is time to take action to increase their populations’ financial literacy. In this first post, we take a look at some of the initiatives in the area of financial literacy in France. Find out how other countries are addressing this “national priority” in future posts. What […]

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Read, write, count… and now code?

The essayist Laurent Alexandre and the director of the school Frédéric Bardeau discuss the value of teaching coding.

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Anca Boboc, sociologist at Orange

A sociologist at Orange Lab's social sciences laboratory (SENSE), Anca Boboc is looking at the uses of digital technology within companies.

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They composed the new digital alphabet

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Can digital technology be governed?

The governability or otherwise of the online universe, does it constitutes a world of chaos or a virtue ? Benjamin Loveluck shares his thoughts and perception.

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Getting to grips with fake news

Fake news: an expression you hear repeatedly in conversations, in the newspapers, in TV news bulletins – everywhere. So much so, that it’s become a part of our everyday vocabulary, by now so familiar that it rolls off the tongue like any other household word. Nothing new about this recipe The words have been so […]