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Orange and the scientific community — Interview with Gérard Berry

What is the mission of the Orange Scientific Council? It is an advisory body that aims to help the company’s management in its understanding of the world by providing it with advice and recommendations on broader scientific issues that concern it. We are, of course, interested in the so-called “hard” sciences—IT, telecoms, networks etc.—but also […]

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Financial literacy: an essential awareness

More and more countries are becoming aware that it is time to take action to increase their populations’ financial literacy. In this first post, we take a look at some of the initiatives in the area of financial literacy in France. Find out how other countries are addressing this “national priority” in future posts. What […]

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Read, write, count… and now code?

The essayist Laurent Alexandre and the director of the school Frédéric Bardeau discuss the value of teaching coding.

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Anca Boboc, sociologist at Orange

A sociologist at Orange Lab's social sciences laboratory (SENSE), Anca Boboc is looking at the uses of digital technology within companies.

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They composed the new digital alphabet

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Can digital technology be governed?

The governability or otherwise of the online universe, does it constitutes a world of chaos or a virtue ? Benjamin Loveluck shares his thoughts and perception.

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Getting to grips with fake news

Fake news: an expression you hear repeatedly in conversations, in the newspapers, in TV news bulletins – everywhere. So much so, that it’s become a part of our everyday vocabulary, by now so familiar that it rolls off the tongue like any other household word. Nothing new about this recipe The words have been so […]

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Continuing education standing the test of its digitalisation

Vocational training is undergoing digitalisation with the great number of online courses (COOC). Are these effective for the students?

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Digital art, performing arts

Without necessarily realising it, digital art is part of your everyday life. So what is digital art? There are various definitions, but they are all based on the idea of artistic creation “made using digital devices: computers, interfaces, networks”. The scope of digital art has expanded over the decades, from music and visual arts, since […]

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Did you know?

In the beginning of May 2017, 151 new digital and technologies training courses were awarded by the Grande Ecole du Digital, bringing the total to 419. Source: Grande Ecole du numérique

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MOOCs: Knowledge and skills are just a click away

Are MOOCs really a revolution in learning? Today, MOOCs are mainly used in higher education, where they allow mass dissemination of lecture courses to multiple countries. The MOOC concept was invented by two Canadians, Stephen and Downes, in 2008, and then, in 2012, two professors at the University of Stanford in the United States created […]

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Science Factor: our youngsters have got talent!

The Science Factor competition was instigated several years ago to offer high school students the opportunity to design innovations that are useful to society and the environment and so stimulate scientific vocations, especially among girls. One of the 2016-2017 finalists, “The People Connect” is a mobile application project, accessed via a flash code placed on […]