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Artificial intelligence as a tool for digital inclusion

How is digital exclusion manifested today in France? Today, the phenomenon is well-known and the studies carried out on this subject describe converging tendencies. Digital exclusion concerns slightly more than 15 % of the population. It is due to several factors. First and foremost, it is territorial: 50 % of non-internet users live in municipalities of less […]

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Financial literacy: an essential awareness

More and more countries are becoming aware that it is time to take action to increase their populations’ financial literacy. In this first post, we take a look at some of the initiatives in the area of financial literacy in France. Find out how other countries are addressing this “national priority” in future posts. What […]

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Baah Box: find the right muscle!

When a person has the use of only one limb – either from birth or as a result of an accident – it can be difficult to know which muscle to use to operate a prosthetic. Myoelectric prostheses are very pricey – €17,000 to €60,000 – and prior to implant, they require training that puts […]

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X-AI: understanding how algorithms reason

Democracy issue and scientific challenge, today explainable AI constitutes a new field of research.

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Viktor: smart cushion tackling isolation among seniors

Viktor, a decorative sofa cushion and smart device, enabling seniors to keep in touch with friends, family and carers, while enjoying access to entertainment content.

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How AI can help reduce inequalities

Artificial intelligence must not only aim for equity, but also be a tool to serve diversity and the fight against inequality.

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Alloscope, a tool to help those in vulnerable situations

Alloscope, an Orange research project, offers to analyse call reports to help professionals working in medical and social monitoring.

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In search of simpler accessibility

Tactile Facile, the innovative Orange accessibility app developed by researchers and engineers in human-machine interaction.

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Seniors awaken at the joysticks

It’s 2pm on this Thursday in Spring; la Gaîté lyrique opens its doors and welcomes, like it does every day, tens of visitors who come to explore the innumerable resources dedicated to the digital culture with which the institution of the Paris Mayor’s Office, located ten minutes’ walk from the Centre Pompidou, is teeming. A […]

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Did you know?

F / H diversity improves the quality of life at work in innovation: 77% of mixed team members say they are fulfilled (compared to 74%). Source: Gender Scan

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Did you know?

In the beginning of May 2017, 151 new digital and technologies training courses were awarded by the Grande Ecole du Digital, bringing the total to 419. Source: Grande Ecole du numérique

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Science Factor: our youngsters have got talent!

The Science Factor competition was instigated several years ago to offer high school students the opportunity to design innovations that are useful to society and the environment and so stimulate scientific vocations, especially among girls. One of the 2016-2017 finalists, “The People Connect” is a mobile application project, accessed via a flash code placed on […]