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Augmented Planet / Networks

Networks to the test of climate change

Repeated natural disasters compel operators and regional authorities to reinforce network resilience.

Smarter society / Innovation

How IT containerisation is speeding up application development

Containers enable the transport of virtual applications from one operating system to another, and for the various material components and software programs to communicate with one another.

Smarter society / Networks

Orange is designing standardised APIs to facilitate the interoperability of ethernet services from operators to businesses

Thanks to standardised APIs, operators’ networks across the world will be able to connect to each other in a few seconds, thus providing end-to-end services for their clients.

Smarter society / Research

SUPERCLOUD: a new approach to security in a multi-cloud environment

MULTICLOUD facilitates the guarantee of interoperability and flexibility in exploiting data, services and communication, therefore their security and dependability in a multi-cloud environment.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

The Internet of Things and Orange: an opportunity for start-ups

Orange provides start-ups with comprehensive technical and human support to build an IoT ecosystem that is rich in solutions.

Smarter society / Innovation

Benefits of the cloud: a meeting with the start-up Vizua

Interview with Sylvain Ordureau, founder of the start-up Vizua, a platform dedicated to optimizing the management of servers and graphics processors located in the cloud.

Smarter society / Networks

Edge Video Analytics reveals the intelligence of networks of the future

Edge Video Analytics: an experiment conducted by Orange at the Roland-Garros French Open which anticipates the intelligence and power of networks of the future.

Smarter society / Research

Stéphane Pateux, co-creator of the sensitive home of tomorrow

Thanks to his work on facial recognition, Stéphane Pateux is helping to achieve Orange's vision of a home that is both smart and sensitive.

Research blog

“Fog Computing” and geo-distributed cloud

Fog computing, which harnesses nearline processing and storage, optimises communications between connected objects and remote processing services.