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Financial competence, a model for measuring financial literacy around the world

This paper is part of a PhD research project on financial literacy, backed by Orange and the University of Nantes. The purpose of this thesis is twofold: to define the frameworks for financial literacy tailored to young adults and their financial situations and to propose recommendations for an educational tool. Financial education is about how […]

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Home accounting: can self-tracking help improve financial management skills?

Of all the digital tools available today for tracking activities, banking apps for monitoring spending stand out for their success. In France, 55% of people have downloaded at least one such app, and 89% of them check it at least once a week [1]. Initially offered via personal spaces on banking websites, account tracking tools […]

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Financial practices of Dakar’s informal sector entrepreneurs and mobile money

Africa is currently experiencing an unprecedented digital boom. Orange, a major player in this digital transformation, invests heavily in emerging countries, developing innovative services and participating in research programmes and pilot projects, particularly in connection with sustainable development objectives (financial inclusion, education, health, etc.).  This article provides an overview of the financial practices of informal […]

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Financial literacy: an essential awareness

More and more countries are becoming aware that it is time to take action to increase their populations’ financial literacy. In this first post, we take a look at some of the initiatives in the area of financial literacy in France. Find out how other countries are addressing this “national priority” in future posts. What […]

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Mahali ensures e-commerce in Africa is properly addressed

This addressing web app by Orange is tailored to local practices to facilitate online sales through a simple location service for places with no address.

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The Digital Hub for Africa by Orange is building the continent’s future

Orange is building a platform to disseminate content and services without going via the internet. A Pan-African offering that will soon be accessible in around twenty countries.

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Innovative services that are supporting agriculture in Africa

Agricultural information, virtual marketplace, financial service, development support, IoT sensors, Orange has developed services to help African farmers increase their production and income.

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Orange, a multiservice operator, a key player of the digital transformation in Africa

Orange, a multiservice operator in Africa, offers a range of digital services in the areas or banking services, energy, agriculture, education, health, and entrepreneurship.

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This method enables private individuals and businesses to easily invest in high potential projects thanks to cryptocurrencies.

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Orange’s energy boost for Africa

Orange is expanding its solar power service, predominantly in rural areas in Africa. Linked to Orange Money, this service gives people living in Sub-Saharan Africa access to clean, affordable, and secure energy.

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CES 2018 : tech, payment card… and the planet

Third part of the preview presentation by Luc Bretones, vice-president of the Technocentre and Orange Fab at Orange, of the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show main trends in Las Vegas.

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Did you know?

In the banking and financial services sectors 45% of incumbents worldwide are partnering with fintechs in 2017, against 33% in 2016. Source : PwC