Orange Open Tech Days - sum up day 1

Etienne Klein after his lecture

Bruno Zerbib after his speech

3D video


Best of the Utiq keynote

Laetitia Orsini Sharps, Orange France


Philippe Lucas - New retail connectivity

Philippe Lucas, EVP Devices & Partnerships, Orange, talks about the new retail connectivity value stream.

  • new retail connectivity

Steve Jarrett: customer experience

Steve Jarrett, Head of Data & AI at Orange, tells us about FIND, which is like a next generation search engine that uses AI to find information that exists and is very difficult to find.
He also explains the goals of the customer experience stream at Orange: to find the ways data and AI can improve how the customers feel. There is an idea of ‘super-powering’ the customer experience!

  • customer experience

Małgorzata Czechowska

According to Małgorzata Czechowska, Director of Business Development B2B at Orange Poland, Volumetric 3D is a highlight of the show and will immediately meet the needs of the clients and prove very useful to them.
Orange Poland is present at Orange Open Tech Days with multiple innovations, including the robot called Max from the ‘Store of the Future’.

Destination Demo(s)

Steve Jarrett
Małgorzata Czechowska
Destination Demo(s)

Round table about platformization - Live Opening session

Bruno Zerbib, CTIO of Orange, and Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO of Orange Business, discuss the topic of platformization. Orange becomes a platform.

Keynote: Bruno Zerbib - Live Opening session

“When we talk about being Open, we are talking about open platforms. Today, sources of intelligence and data come from everywhere. It is very important to create these sharing ecosystems. The winning innovation will be based on the best sharing ecosystems.” – Bruno Zerbib, CTIO of Orange

Etienne Klein lecture on science and progress - Live Opening session

Science does generate knowledge and a very specific type of uncertainty. We did not know about this at the time when science was built into progress. Science was once considered as the armed wing of progress, and that is thanks to science that the future is attractive and credible and reachable.” – The physicist Etienne Klein proposes the idea that there is a need for engineers and experts in their fields to engage into communicating a path forward.

Keynote MEA

Brelotte Ba, Deputy CEO, Chief Operating Officer Orange MEA, speaks at Orange Open Tech Days, in the context of the launch of the Max it super-app.

Keynote UTIQ

Bruno Zerbib et Aliette Mousnier-Lompré
Bruno Zerbib
Etienne Klein
Brelotte Ba

Orange Open Tech Days, Orange’s unmissable research and innovation event, runs from 28 to 30 November 2023.

Throughout the event, find videos of the lectures and articles about the demos in this space, so you can learn all about the future technologies, vital for the connectivity, that will shape the world of tomorrow.

At the bottom of this page, find films showing you what the demos from the previous edition have become.

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The speakers

  • Etienne Klein

    Etienne Klein


    “It has long been believed that science gives power to the idea of progress. It produces knowledge, but also uncertainty, because it doesn't say what we should do with the results.”

    • 28/11/2023 11:00 am

      Live Opening session
  • Aliette Mousnier-Lompré

    Aliette Mousnier-Lompré

    CEO of Orange Business

    “Evolution platform: the idea is to be able to provide our business customers with offers, connectivity and cybersecurity solutions available in platform mode, with the partners' capacity for continuous innovation.”

    • 28/11/2023 11:00 am

      Live Opening session
  • Bruno Zerbib

    Bruno Zerbib

    CTIO of Orange

    “We believe in exchange and sharing. It is very important to create these sharing ecosystems. The innovation that is going to win is the one that is backed by the best ecosystems.”

    • 28/11/2023 11:00 am

      Live Opening session

Limiting the Carbon Footprint of AI

• A team at Orange Innovation China has developed a tool capable of measuring the greenhouse gas emissions of different artificial intelligence models based on their use.
• The tool provides tips on how to optimize to help reduce this carbon footprint. In the future, it will be able to help eco-design AI models.

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