Who are we?

At Orange, we believe it’s important to ask the right questions to shed light on the future:

  • How can digital technology simplify and enrich our customers’ daily lives through services that are accessible to the widest range of businesses and individuals?
  • What networks will be needed in tomorrow’s world to build and deliver new services?
  • How can we develop digital technologies that are responsible and instigate progress?

These questions guide our thinking in contributing to the advancement of new technologies and the development of new products and services with a responsible, ethical, and inclusive vision.

Hello Future, Orange’s research and innovation website, was launched in 2017 to promote and share information, projects and ideas in aspects related to the digital universe as well as new technologies in a constantly changing world.

Based around positive, factual, committed and responsible discussions, Hello Future helps us better understand the world around us.

Our website offers various types of content, in multiple formats:

  • content that highlights the advances being made by Orange in our research and innovation, in collaboration with the many partners from our ecosystems, bodies, foundations, consortia and other areas in which we are invested;
  • content that showcases the expertise of our researchers in a specific technology, and blog posts written and signed by our researchers exploring future-orientated topics;
  • content that features the perspectives, points of view and personal opinions of various stakeholders from the world of innovation to give us more food for thought.

This is where we share topics that help us build the present and, above all, prepare for the future.

Happy reading!

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