Three questions to Nanda Menon, Athonet’s Director of Corporate Development

Athonet is an Italian start-up who won the prestigious Global Mobile Award from the GSM Association in 2016. It builds customer-centric Industrial IoT and enterprise mobile networks. Athonet joined the first season of Orange Fab France “Telecom Track” in 2017.

“Our focus is on enabling mobile operators and their partners to use our advanced architecture and solutions to enable in today’s LTE networks itself the ability to deliver “5G-like” services”

Athonet is a computer software and disruptive cloud company for the 4G / LTE and 5G market. This software makes LTE (Long Term Evolution) universal, affordable and easily deployed while opening up opportunities for the Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), public security, emerging and rural markets, and other transversal markets.

Can you explain on what technology you develop your range of services and why it is disruptive?

Nanda Menon: Athonet’s disruptive mobile “edge-computing” core network software makes it dramatically simple, with order of magnitude reductions in cost, for network operators, enterprises and other non-telco users to deploy and manage 5G-Ready wireless networks. Such networks are critical enablers for vast new markets such as the Industrial Internet, Public Safety, Connected and Autonomous Cars, Smart Grids and Cities as well as bridging the Digital Divide.

Athonet’s already advanced architecture maps to 5G with a simple software upgrade.

Since winning the GSM Association Global Mobile Awards in 2016, Athonet’s software is already being used commercially by network operators, governments and enterprises across the world. These include some of the first CBRS (Computer-Based Reporting System) trial networks in North America, first LTE Smartgrid and Industrial IoT Networks in Europe and Australasia; and first LTE Networks in Africa.

What are your technological projects (evolution, integration of more technologies) for the near future?

Nanda Menon: Our focus is on enabling mobile operators and their partners to use our advanced architecture and solutions to enable in today’s LTE networks itself the ability to deliver “5G-like” services such as low latency for industrial LTE, mobile edge computing, and immersive video etc.

One particular example is our innovative Mobile Edge Offload solution that solves a major problem for mobile operators on how to deliver the hyper dense crush load of video that is swamping their networks. It allows selective traffic offload at the extreme network edge, delivering low latency services and locally cached content in a way that was not possible previously while still complying with all the key aspects of 3GPP standards.

You were integrated in the Orange Fab France Telecom Track season 1 team: what did you get from this collaboration with Orange, on a technological point of view?

Nanda Menon: The interaction with Orange Fab France has helped us understand how to further differentiate our solution to address the needs of a leading operator like Orange.

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