Automatic language processing for a better customer experience

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To collect, analyse, and understand customer expectations is a major issue for businesses. It is the subject of Émilie De Neef’s work at Orange Labs Lannion (Côtes d’Armor, France).

Her job? it consists of understanding what customers are saying, “in order to better evolve the group’s products and services”.

To be precise, the Visual CRM tool currently being worked on by Émilie De Neef, who has a PhD in automatic language processing, enables automatic analysis of the written traces produced by the interactions between Orange and its customers, be they answers to surveys or messages left on social networks. An essential tool to process the some 300,000 monthly messages. Today, at the crossroads of research and the final product/service, Émilie De Neef enjoys playing a part in “adding value to research and making it useful in Orange products and services.”

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