Optimising video call quality with I Can See You!

Orange is developing I Can See You, a video call optimisation system for smartphones. Servane Crave, a research engineer, presents the aim of this project, which addresses the African and Middle East markets in particular, and Paul Tchoumi, a voice product engineer, describes a real case of its application.

The use of video calls on smartphones, in particular in the health, education, and B2B sectors, is ever-increasing. In certain areas or situations, it can happen that optimal quality of network signal is lacking.

Present at the Orange Salon de la Recherche from 5 to 7 December 2017 to present the I Can See You! project, Servane Crave, a research engineer, and Paul Tchoumi, voice product engineer at Orange, show that it is possible to predict and estimate network quality before the start of a call, so as to ensure optimal quality at the time of initiating the call.

During the call, the system also enables adaptation of the call modality, to ensure its continuity by offering if needed, for example, a transfer of the IP communication to audio or to the conventional mobile telecommunications system. The advantage of this application is that it enables continuous adaptation to the network quality, providing information to the user in real time.

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