MWC 2019: Orange Live Booster, the turnkey and all-in-one solution for connecting your objects

Facilitating access to 2G and LTE-M cellular networks and eliminating the operational and technical constraints faced by manufacturers are the objectives of Orange's Live Booster solution. This innovation programme is the solution that manufacturers have been waiting for to connect and geo-locate any object.

Live Booster combines the advantages of a turnkey and all-in-one solution for our industrial partners.

Orange Live Booster is Orange’s first all-in-one prepaid IoT solution that integrates a cellular connectivity module, a SIM card integrated into the module and a long-term prepaid cellular connectivity package.
In a nutshell, Orange Live Booster = a radio module + a SIM card + a prepaid data plan with:

  • turnkey 2G and LTE-M connectivity, without any prior configuration. The object is therefore autonomous and there is no longer any need for connectivity,
  • the guarantee of network coverage in 33 European countries, without additional roaming costs and without recurring subscription costs,
  • a single supply channel for object manufacturers and hence reduced operational costs.
    By partnering with EBV Elektronik, Orange is now targeting manufacturers from the design stage.

Currently, Orange already offers two versions of its Live Booster module:

  • the first one is based on 2G connectivity for manufacturers requiring size optimisation and low transmission rates,
  • the second one is compatible with 2G/LTE-M and is designed to support manufacturers in the transition from the historical 2G M2M world to tomorrow’s LPWA network world, but also to meet the challenges of energy consumption.

The use case presented at the Mobile World Congress

Jérôme Pisarz, Head of the Live Booster program at Orange, bases his demonstration on the use of an electric scooter, which becomes connected thanks to the new Heracles 224G module which is 2G and LTE-M.

“The scooter will use the data rates and bandwidth of the cellular networks to report different usage data on the Live Objects platform: battery level, temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, etc. A mobile application will display this data in real time and allow the scooter to be locked remotely. Thus, in the event of a break-in (detected by the accelerometer), the module will block the scooter’s motor,” explains Jérôme Pisarz.

Thus, although the entire design of the scooter was developed in France, the object will be functional in Spain without any adjustment. This is possible thanks to roaming agreements.

Different use cases will also be of interest to the industry

Live Booster combines the advantages of a turnkey, all-in-one solution for our industrial partners: connectivity, geolocation and user services. Use cases are endless, from start-ups to large industrial groups, Live Booster represents an easy-to-use solution that gives them access to the advantages of our cellular networks:

  • an optimal coverage for indoor and/or outdoor mobile use,
  • a sufficiently high throughput and bandwidth for the uplink and downlink of messages in real time,
  • native security, thanks to the SIM card integrated in the module, and the use of a licensed network.

The main advantages of the Live Booster solution:

  • for industrial manufacturers of objects

“By integrating a SIM card and a prepaid connectivity package into a module, manufacturers can make their objects autonomous. Orange also allows them to reduce operational costs and product launch times by offering a single supply channel,” Jérôme asserts.

  • for customers

“They benefit from true user comfort that eliminates the tedious steps of pairing, but they also have the assurance of being connected at all times without ever having to worry about it.”

  • for Orange

“The ability to interact with manufacturers from the very outset of the design of their objects,” concludes Jérôme.

The partnership between Orange and EBV Elektronik (leading distributor of electronic components) makes it possible to reach new customers who were not previously interested in cellular connectivity and allows them to benefit from local EBV sales forces throughout Europe.

In short, with Live Booster, Orange offers a powerful solution to make life easier for manufacturers and position itself as a legitimate and key player in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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