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Wi-Fi 6 connects busy home environments

Over the course of its successive versions, the 802.11 standard, which specifies the characteristics of wireless local area networks, or Wi-Fi, has expanded its capabilities, particularly in terms of speed. Some generations stand out as notable technological leaps, and this is the case with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax standard). A standard tailored to high-density environments Hélène […]

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Underwater Wi-Fi to come soon?

After Wi-Fi on Earth, Wi-Fi under the sea? Having already invaded our everyday earthling lives, wireless technologies could now reach right down to the depths of the oceans. Underwater Wi-Fi would enable divers to communicate without having to use hand signs or a write on a board and send data to the surface. A team […]

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5G and Wi-Fi 6, companions rather than competitors

The Covid-19 crisis has led the French public authorities to postpone the 5G spectrum auctions from May to September 2020. The new standard offers several main areas for improvement. Ultimately, internet speed will be multiplied by ten, which paves the way for experiences in mobility that are even more interactive, immersive and contextualised, enriched in […]

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Turnkey Wi-Fi network with guaranteed coverage

With various academic partners and three companies, Orange has developed the OptimiSME solution to meet the expectations of SMEs for radio networks.

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Li-Fi, a relevant and complementary alternative to the Wi-Fi network

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have accelerated the use of the internet. Communications are increasing everywhere, all the time. The exchanged data volumes are exploding and in turn, the number of connected devices is expected to reach between 30 and 60 billion in 2020. A power context in which Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) could shake […]

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Shaping the future of Wi-Fi technology

Need for a Carrier-grade Wi-Fi. The explosion of data traffic in the last 5 to 6 years is leading to Wi-Fi becoming an integral component in the delivery of broadband wireless services by fixed and mobile network operators around the globe. While in the short term the focus is on offloading cellular networks in particular locations, […]