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Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

A control tower against illegal streaming, supported by AI

Streaming services are multiplying and it is becoming easier to access high-quality files with both fixed and mobile devices using high-speed and very high-speed connections, from a larger and more varied range of terminals. Will the illegal redistribution and sharing of video content intensify? A threat with a thousand faces… “We’re facing new types of […]

Augmented Planet / 5G

At Roland-Garros, the future is now: Orange unveils new video technology with 5G

During the Roland-Garros Tournament, Orange and France Télévisions are broadcasting matches and reports live and in 8K using an experimental 5G on-site network.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

MWC 2019: the Djingo ecosystem is opened up to partners

Orange’s virtual assistant Djingo opens its ecosystem to flagship partnerships: Bot Party with, Open APIs, Co-Design with specialist partners.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Show Hello 2018: Djingo goes pro

After applications in customer services for Orange Bank and voice control of Orange TV, Orange’s virtual personal assistant, Djingo, is coming to the workplace, with the development of services and functionalities to streamline working methods and environments.

Better me / Innovation

New TV Key and Cabasse sound bar: the new TV experience by Orange

The new Orange TV Key and the “Cabasse for Orange” sound bar offer unprecedented experiences that aim to be as complete as possible.

Smarter society

Blockchain: improving the efficiency of the maritime trade supply chain

IBM and Maersk, a container shipping company, create a digital platform based on blockchain technology, replacing the paper system with digitalisation so as to gain in efficiency.

Augmented Planet / Innovation

Take the 360° tour of tomorrow’s TV

Immersive TV, defined as TV that offers an enhanced sense of immersion in the video scene being watched, is a word used today to talk about 3D or the Ultra High Definition (UHD) format. And in fact, the more the video format improves, the more optimal is the image resolution and the more palpable the […]

Augmented Planet / Technology

From analogue to digital – the technology that revolutionised TV, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband.

Since that time, this transmission technology has gone from strength to strength. Whether you watch digital terrestrial TV or surf the web at home using WiFi, or out and about using 4G mobile broadband, OFDM underpins it all. Today it’s mainstream and invisible to most users, but it was, and remains, the origin of a […]

Maryline Clare-Charrier imagine la télé du futur Smarter society

Maryline Clare-Charrier imagine the TV of the future

When questioning Maryline Clare-Charrier about the TV of the future, she said that the TV of tomorrow will not only be a screen on which you watch a programme, but a window. A window that can transport the viewer to the heart of a football stadium, the stands of a tennis court or inside a theatre […]