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submarine cables

Augmented Planet / Networks

Telecoms networks well-equipped to deal with traffic peaks.

Networks today are based on IP (Internet Protocol), with all usages (voice, internet data, TV, video) and data being carried in the form of IP packets on fibre optics and managed by routers. Network congestion occurs when the number of data packets to be transported from a source to a destination exceeds its capacity. In […]

Smarter society / Networks

A word of innovation: DWDM

The DWDM technique makes it possible to carry more data over longer distances on the same fibre optic cable.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Broadband at sea will (soon) be possible thanks to 5G

As part of 3GPP, Orange has formed partnerships with many players to build a seamless 5G connectivity experience from land to sea.

Smarter society / Connectivity

Submarine cables: the global highways of information

The submarine cables that today carry 99 % of intercontinental internet traffic have progressed substantially since the 19th century, and their uses don’t stop evolving.

Augmented Planet / Connectivity

Ghislain Guillochon: Networks infrastructures Project manager in International networks management

Mobile boom, submarine cables, evolution of networks in Africa: Ghislain Guillochon (Orange Labs, Lannion) presents the support he provides to Orange's subsidiaries in the area of international traffic.

Smarter society / Networks

Orange contributes to the Marseille Hub, the leading digital gateway to Europe and the Mediterranean

Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Senior Vice-President, Orange International Networks Infrastructures & Services, notes that: “if the Internet is a global network, it’s because of the subsea cables that carry 99% of the total broadband traffic. Orange confirms its position as the leading operator with its participation in more than 40 subsea cables and international consortia. This represents […]

Augmented Planet / Innovation

A brief history of underwater connections

Between underwater epics and technological breaks, a return to the odyssey of underwater intercontinental connections that have brought men together for nearly 170 years.

Augmented Planet / Environment

In the Pelagos Sanctuary, whales can sleep peacefully!

REPCET is more than a type of software – it is an innovation which serves the marine ecosystem This is why Orange Marine has decided to install this device on the cable-laying ship Raymond Croze from the very start of the test phase. Another way to support the association “Souffleurs d’écume”. in its actions to […]