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Progress in the semantic analysis of the voice of the customer

The automatic processing of natural language is an area of perennial research for Orange, which has been working on these topics for many years. Applying this work to Customer Relations has been gradually structured to bring industrialised solutions to fruition. These solutions chiefly enable us to leverage a rich and complex source of data: free-form […]

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An example of semantics at work :
bridging two Internet of Things platforms

Here we illustrate the federating process through a small example from a (semi-)smart building, illustrated in the figure below. Our toy configuration consists of a room and a corridor in the same building. The room is equipped with a presence sensor and a door contact sensor, while the corridor is equipped with a movement sensor […]

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Nicolas Pellen: semantics of sounds and the Internet of Things

Semantics of the sounds of the home: Nicolas Pellen presents his research in the area of the Internet of Things.

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Semantic similarity to help internet users

Thanks to semantic similarity, Orange expects to improve searches on technical assistance forums and to enable better information via radio programmes.

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Semantics: The Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence

Online forums are highly popular among web users due to the possibility they offer them of obtaining relevant answers to the questions they raise. However, to achieve that relevance, the question has to be first understood, whichever words are used to formulate it. Yet in their semantic analyses, most search engines rely mainly on the […]