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Artificial Intelligence, between hopes and fears for Humankind

The rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) heralds a new era, one of machine learning and deep learning: progress or nightmare?

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CES 2018 : tech, payment card… and the planet

Third part of the preview presentation by Luc Bretones, vice-president of the Technocentre and Orange Fab at Orange, of the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show main trends in Las Vegas.

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Uberisation: an enemy that means well?

The risk of immediacy Why are we so eager to have a consumer product delivered within two hours? Is spending time and waiting really an endangered concept? According to Denis Jacquet, we have reached the climax of the consumer society where everyone not only wants to have things (which are often useless), but wants to have […]

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Did you know?

One third of European Union researchers are women. Source: Ministry of Higher Education

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The digital identity conundrum

It’s quite common, nowadays, for people to have a dozen online accounts – if not many more – for a wide range of uses: email, e-commerce, banking, eGovernment, and so on. The upshot is that we have a whole array of log-ins and passwords, or else we use the same one for dozens of different […]

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The man/machine duality, an illusion to be overcome

We are still haunted by the nightmarish vision of the red lens of HAL 9000, Stanley Kubrick’s intelligent and despotic robot. Already, transhumanist prophets popularized by Ray Kurzweil and his disciples plunge us into unprecedented existential terror. Further, aren’t the famous victory of Deep Mind in the Go game in 2016 and the proliferation of […]

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Innovation to create favourable conditions for digital trust

In the space of a few years, digital technology has revolutionised our habits: online shopping, data storage, communication via social networks, etc. Each time we open an app, browse a website or use a connected device, we are allowing an amount of data related to our habits, preferences, relationships, home or even our location to […]

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Blockchain: governance, trust and free will

Any innovation brings with it “Two kinds of limits: those that you know and that you try to resolve, and those that you do not know.” Truism?  Fundamental posture, rather, as recalled by Nicolas Demassieux, SVP at Orange Labs Research, which protects any fetishism through the exercise of critical doubt. An exercise that is more […]