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Smarter society / Big Data

A word of innovation: ICO

This method enables private individuals and businesses to easily invest in high potential projects thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Augmented Planet / 5G

First 5G NR call in France: the connection’s live!

Orange and its partners Ericsson and Intel demonstrate the very first interoperable 5G NR data call between a mobile telephone and a 5G base station in France.

Smarter society / Research

SUPERCLOUD: a new approach to security in a multi-cloud environment

MULTICLOUD facilitates the guarantee of interoperability and flexibility in exploiting data, services and communication, therefore their security and dependability in a multi-cloud environment.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

The Internet of Things and Orange: an opportunity for start-ups

Orange provides start-ups with comprehensive technical and human support to build an IoT ecosystem that is rich in solutions.

Augmented Planet / Networks

In Bercenay: the Orange teleport is celebrating its 40th birthday!

The Bercenay Teleport is using satellites to provide all forms of telecommunications coverage worldwide: from Brazil to India, but also from the United States to Korea.

Smarter society / Innovation

At VivaTech, innovation both proves and demonstrates its value

Orange is taking part in the VivaTech show, where 8,000 start-ups from around the world are gathered, including 120 endorsed by the Group who have come to present useful innovations useful which are beneficial for the largest number of people.

Smarter society / Innovation

POC to guide our choices in the innovation process

Designing a man-machine interface or developing a low-cost car, POCs are used across all types of project so as to accelerate innovation or boost creativity. Interview with Christophe Midler (CNRS).

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

En route towards the Internet of things

The research platform Thing'in developed by Orange, proposes to take part in the birth of the Internet of things.

Augmented Planet / Research

Marion Duprez is driving open and integrative 5G research

Manager of the Plug'in research platform, around 5G, Marion Duprez enables researchers to build the next generation mobile network.

Smarter society / Smart Cities

Cédric Seureau is exploring the mobility of tomorrow

Manager of the "Interconnecting Attractive Territories" research project at Orange, Cédric Seureau is exploring the mobility services of tomorrow for more pleasant and sustainable cities.

Augmented Planet / Innovation

Drones, win-win progress for people and the planet

“Drones are flying devices that are easily controllable, operated remotely and they can go virtually anywhere”, explains Bertrand Rojat, who heads up Open Innovation in the Technocentre and Orange Vallée. “Their main mission: observing. Fitted with ultra-high-definition cameras, drones collect and provide premium quality images, even for sites that are hard to access. A valuable […]

Smarter society / Networks

Words of Innovation : LoRa

Discover in less than a minute the next generation network LoRa.