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Research blog

Informal economy and mobile in Dakar: contrasting professional usages

In sub-Saharan Africa, the informal economy is everywhere and through it the digital transformation of the continent is taking place. The example of Dakar.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

eSIM: Coming soon to mobile networks and services near you!

A critical transformation, the eSIM presents an opportunity for the world of connected objects. United under the GSMA, operators, including Orange, have seen it coming.

Augmented Planet

Podcast: Plug’in, a shared playground for 5G

Marion Duprez, engineer and project manager of Orange's Plug'in platform, presents the stakes of this project, focused on applications and developments around the future 5G.

Augmented Planet / Technology

From analogue to digital – the technology that revolutionised TV, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband.

Since that time, this transmission technology has gone from strength to strength. Whether you watch digital terrestrial TV or surf the web at home using WiFi, or out and about using 4G mobile broadband, OFDM underpins it all. Today it’s mainstream and invisible to most users, but it was, and remains, the origin of a […]

Augmented Planet / 5G

Towards on-demand 5G connectivity

Technological developments will make the virtual network able to orchestrate its resources in order to provide each industry, or even each application (energy, transport, smart city, future industry …), with a network performance that suits it exactly. The offer of a flexible service and allowing companies to rent on-demand 5G connectivity is the subject of […]

Augmented Planet / Networks

From 1G to 5G

From the 80s’ to 2020, quick overview of five decades of mobile standards and consumer usage.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Words of Innovation : 5G

Discover in less than a minute the 5G revolution.

Smarter society / 5G

Mobiles: ready to move on to the fifth?

In a quarter of a century, telephony has had four different generations of standards. 5G could be the most disruptive.