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Algorithm predicts congestion in mobile radio networks

Network supervision is advancing thanks to artificial intelligence. One Orange laboratory in Belfort has offered further proof of this by developing a predictive analysis solution that can prevent mobile network traffic overload. An algorithm can now detect imminent congestion 30 minutes before it occurs, with a success rate of over 80%. This predictive maintenance solution […]

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Customer files checked by virtual agents in Senegal

The work carried out by the Orange Nomad Back Office team in Senegal seems never-ending and futile. Day after day, the team’s 17 members manually process 15,000 subscription requests submitted by resellers on the ground via the Nomad platform. When AI helps humans Their work involves verifying the authenticity of identity cards sent in the […]

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Improving business operations through AI

In Madrid, Orange Spain’s Data Department and Data Freaks teams are developing dozens of use cases to improve OSP process efficiency. These data experts are tasked with building innovative tools to improve business operations, based on Big Data and machine learning. Their projects focus on business operations and investment processes, as does Smart Capex. Designed […]

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Data sharing and processing: the new Tower of Babel?

To enable businesses to draw on the value of their data by sharing it, Orange is developing a common vocabulary for describing data sets.

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AI in the Service of the Smart Home

Orange uses a home simulator as a mean to virtually experiment the home of the future, to obtain exploitable datasets.

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X-AI: understanding how algorithms reason

Democracy issue and scientific challenge, today explainable AI constitutes a new field of research.

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Drones and artificial intelligence at the service of environmental battles

Satellite imagery, machine learning, or drones make it possible to follow, sustainably manage, and protect the forest.

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A word of innovation: GANs

GANs, unsupervised learning algorithms that make it possible to generate artificial data with a high degree of realism.

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Six uses of AI that serve a more humane society

Artificial intelligence to serve health, justice, and the environment… Six surprising applications of AI

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How AI can help reduce inequalities

Artificial intelligence must not only aim for equity, but also be a tool to serve diversity and the fight against inequality.

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Deep fakes, falsification of reality

Deep fakes: thanks to deep learning, the transfer of facial expressions on video is becoming more sophisticated and accessible. Its detection too.

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Emotional intelligence: meeting with Empath, a Japanese start-up

The technology based on machine learning, developed by the start-up Empath analyzes the physical properties of the voice to identify emotions.