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Shared computing: putting PCs to use in the fight against diseases

In March 2020, distributed computing project Folding@home exceeded the symbolic threshold of the exaflop and reached a computing speed superior to that of IBM’s Summit, the most powerful supercomputer at the time (since superseded by Fujitsu’s Fugaku). This feat was made possible thanks to the mobilisation of thousands of internet users, businesses and public institutions, […]

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Orange and the scientific community — Interview with Gérard Berry

What is the mission of the Orange Scientific Council? It is an advisory body that aims to help the company’s management in its understanding of the world by providing it with advice and recommendations on broader scientific issues that concern it. We are, of course, interested in the so-called “hard” sciences—IT, telecoms, networks etc.—but also […]

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Open source and networks: an immersive video solution shows the way

Open source (OS) frameworks (or software environments) enable players from the mobile network ecosystem to work together on collaborative projects that take advantage of the technological advances of networks, such as RAN softwarisation. They make it possible to directly design, test and validate innovative services that can be deployed on a large scale in the […]

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Decarbonising digital technology with innovation

Hidden from sight, Internet infrastructure has a substantial environmental impact. Base-stations with lower fossil fuel consumption To reduce the environmental impact in the era of 5G, in particular carbon emissions, providers are taking steps by persuing two main stragegies.  Firstly, they are developing new technologies in order to improve performance and energy efficiency. Secondly, they […]

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Virtualization of networks

The virtualization of networks consists in offering on-demand use of physical network equipment, certain functions of which have migrated to software.

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In the Pelagos Sanctuary, whales can sleep peacefully!

REPCET is more than a type of software – it is an innovation which serves the marine ecosystem This is why Orange Marine has decided to install this device on the cable-laying ship Raymond Croze from the very start of the test phase. Another way to support the association “Souffleurs d’écume”. in its actions to […]