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Smarter society / 5G

Towards safer construction sites with IoT

Startup CAD.42, First Prize winner in the Orange 5G Challenge at Vivatech, offers solutions to detect risks and alert workers to hazards at construction sites.

Augmented Planet / Prospective

Mobile World Congress 2019: Discussions will focus on 5G, AI and IoT

At MWC 2019, Orange will be unveiling its latest advances in 5G along with its innovations in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Smarter society / iot

Fundamental innovations for the smart cities of tomorrow

There are many existing or developing innovations that contribute to the definition of the smart city of tomorrow. These include, for example, the autonomous vehicle, biomimicry, or IoT.

Augmented Planet / Networks

The networks of the future will be less energy-intensive

Fixed and mobile networks represent more than two-thirds of Orange's energy consumption. How can we improve the energy efficiency of existing and future networks?

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

LTE-M, fresh impetus for the Internet of Things

The roll-out of LTE-M technology is paving the way for enhanced business use of the Internet of Things, thanks to its improved performance in terms of coverage, battery life and cost.

Augmented Planet / Connected Territory

IoT Explorer captures the IoT deployments of tomorrow

The very large-scale deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) will soon concern billions of connected objects. With IoT Explorer, research performed by Orange has mobilised virtual reality technologies to capture a realistic picture of deployments of tomorrow on the scale of a large city like Rennes. This search tool presented at the 2016 Research […]

Augmented Planet / Networks

LoRa, a network dedicated to the IoT and open for users

LoRa technology provides low-bandwidth connectivity, low power consumption and low cost. LoRa, a network dedicated to the IoT, complements Orange’s cellular networks.