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Extend the life of IoT devices thanks to smartphones

It’s 6 pm and I’m leaving work on my bike. Using GPS coordinates, my connected watch lets my household know I’m on my way. Hang on, I’ve got a message from my fridge: “We need more butter and eggs”. Quick detour to the supermarket and I’m back home. Red alert from my son’s schoolbag: Oscar still […]

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Scanning and scalability are the two challenges facing a global directory of things

Thing in the future is an integrative research platform dedicated to the Internet of Things. Its purpose is to index connected and unconnected physical-world things and to create relationships between each of them. To simplify the jargon, in Thing in the future, these digital twins of physical things are called avatars. Thing in the future […]

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2009–2019: back to the future of cloud computing

The personal cloud, mobile cloud, vertical cloud, open source cloud, etc. – these major developments in cloud computing foreseen by Orange back in 2009 are now a reality.

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The future of smart buildings with Thing’in

The management of complex systems such as buildings requires going beyond connected object-centric approaches based on the Internet platforms of today's Objects.

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How to collect feedback about things and explore a graph-based quality management – aka “Let’s make the world great again”

The Feedchain not only processes the information contained in the feedback, but also supports purchasing decisions based on the feedback previously collected.

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Beyond IoT: Digital Twins and Cyber-Physical Systems

Digital twins originated from the special requirements of a few critical systems. They aim at providing a comprehensive and accurate numerical replica of some advanced.

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Device Management in the connected world of tomorrow

As the Internet of things is on the rise, innovative solutions are emerging to evolve and optimise Device Management.

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“Transition techs”, a new kind of commitment

“Transition techs” are startups that want to help individuals engage in sustainable behaviour using digital technologies.

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Taking control of our data

The work of researcher-designers Rose Dumesny and Catherine Ramus looks at ways of making our heterogeneous data set perceptible.

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Thing’in, the things’ graph platform

Thing’in, the integrative research platform initiated by Orange, is a “graph of things” whose nodes are things and physical entities of all kinds.

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Understanding behavior to promote adoption of sustainable practices

Expressing a universal environmental imperative that encourages every individual to consider the environmental effects of their actions is a recent phenomenon. It stems from the 1972 Meadows report [1], which underlines the finite nature of the planetary resources used for economic activity. The best known formulation is probably that of philosopher Hans Jonas from 1979 [2]: “Act […]

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The “Systems of Systems” viewpoint in telecommunications

Telecom systems and networks are caught in a massive long term evolution, from top-down-designed architectures under exclusive mastery of a single operator, towards federations of loosely coupled autonomous or semi-autonomous systems, managed by multiple independent actors, self-organizing in a bottom up fashion. The “systems of systems” viewpoint is meant to elicit the specificities of these new architectures, to analyze their non-engineered behaviors and evolutions, and to ultimately support their design and mastery under a new approach of engineering.