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Better me / Artificial Intellingence

AI could reduce human error rate

Man can use artificial intelligence to reduce the risk of error in his interactions with complex systems, but AI remains fallible.

Smarter society / Internet of things

Orange at the heart of innovation with the new generation SIM card: the eSIM

In about a decade, the SIM card as we know it today should totally disappear, giving way to the eSIM (embedded SIM).

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

Orange and myfood: connected greenhouse for better growing

With myfood’s connected greenhouse, everyone can easily grow their own food at home with complete autonomy, all year round.

Smarter society / Innovation

At VivaTech, innovation both proves and demonstrates its value

Orange is taking part in the VivaTech show, where 8,000 start-ups from around the world are gathered, including 120 endorsed by the Group who have come to present useful innovations useful which are beneficial for the largest number of people.

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

eSIM: Coming soon to mobile networks and services near you!

A critical transformation, the eSIM presents an opportunity for the world of connected objects. United under the GSMA, operators, including Orange, have seen it coming.

Smarter society / Internet of things

AI, the key to useful data exploitation

Connected objects are generating an increasingly large bulk of data. To process it in a useful way, the key is to look towards artificial intelligence...

Augmented Planet / Internet of things

The Open IoT Lab lets you work on the networks of the future

In 2017, Orange inaugurated the Open IoT Lab, which is the first European lab dedicated to the Internet of Things and the LTE-M network. One year after its launch, Orange takes a look at some initial lessons learned.

Smarter society / Research

Stéphane Pateux, co-creator of the sensitive home of tomorrow

Thanks to his work on facial recognition, Stéphane Pateux is helping to achieve Orange's vision of a home that is both smart and sensitive.

Augmented Planet / Networks

Three questions to Nanda Menon, Athonet’s Director of Corporate Development

Athonet start-up, thanks to cloud and software solutions opens up opportunities for industry 4.0, IoT, public safety and many other transversal markets.

Smarter society / Artificial Intellingence

CES 2018: A sensitivity of objects that is becoming a standard and uses that are becoming mainstream

Second part of the preview presentation by Luc Bretones, Vice President Technocentre and Orange Fab at Orange, of the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show big trends in Las Vegas.

Better me / Connected Home

CES 2018 : towards more human and useful technologies

Luc Bretones, vice president of Orange's Technocentre and Orange Fab, presents a preview of the major trends of the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Smarter society / Smart Cities

The self-driving car – a world of intelligence

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