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Padus Lab: Bolstering the Energy Efficiency of the Networks of the Future

As network virtualization is rolled out, buildings that have traditionally housed telecoms equipment will also host the servers needed to run these new infrastructures. In particular, these new facilities will need to address the challenge of energy efficiency, at a time when Orange is increasingly committed to reducing its carbon footprint. The Padus Lab aims […]

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Datavenue Challenge: a self-contained frost and ice sensor based on temperature differences

What is GreenSysTech’s story? From the outset, I wanted to explore energy issues through the development of innovative sensors, with one idea in mind: to capture ambient energy. GreenSysTech was first set up as a design company, and we filed patents every year between 2010 and 2015. Now there are five of us, mainly with […]

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When teleworking, the IoT, and AI reduce our carbon emissions

Can ecological transition and digital transformation go hand in hand? The carbon footprint of the digital sector is far from insignificant: 4 % of greenhouses gases at the beginning of 2021 and twice that by 2025 according to the ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition. However, although digital may be a burden on the habitability […]

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How can the environmental impact of websites be assessed and reduced?

Every website has an impact on the environment. In order to access a web page and display it in a browser, data must be carried and processed, therefore energy and CPU (Central Processing Unit) power are consumed; it is necessary to use a computer, servers and a network, whose production and use contribute to resource […]

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Mapping networks and critical materials to advance the circular economy

What does your work entail with regard to the presence of rare metals in network and telecoms equipment? Since 2007, Orange has been providing environmental labelling for mobile phones sold or leased to its customers. The aim was to transparently inform people about the environmental impact of our products, by explaining the efforts we undertake […]

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Analysis and tips on curbing the build-up of electronic waste

Over 50 million tonnes. The equivalent of 5300 Eiffel Towers. This, according to a United Nations report, is the amount of electronic waste that was added to the existing volume globally in 2019, and it is expected to grow at an even faster pace over the coming years. According to one estimate, by 2030, humanity […]

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Selective data sorting against dark data

According to a study by Veritas, 52 % of company data stored on servers is never used. This inert data is what is known as dark data. This can be data collected within the frame of an abandoned project or data that complies with regulatory compliance requirements and that has not been deleted within the legal […]

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Virtual reality, the new tool for evaluating user experience

Evaluating User eXperience (UX): In the lab or in situ? UX refers to “perceptions and responses of a user resulting from the use and/or intended use of a system, product or service.“ (ISO, 2019). In this area, the following are considered and studied: emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and physiological responses, behaviours and actions that […]

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Energy efficiency: AI for mobile networks

Each generation of mobile telephony networks coincides with a leap forward in energy efficiency per bit transported, the gains of which are estimated at a factor of 10 during the transition from one generation to the other. 5G is no exception to this rule and, from the infrastructure design stage, introduces new levers for technical […]

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Innovation at the service of smart waste management

An essential component of the “smart city”, smart waste management with digital and technological innovations enables public bodies and specialised businesses to find new answers to the challenges of the ecological transition and competitiveness. Optimising waste collection thanks to the IoT Based on the “smart bin” concept – sensors installed on waste containers measure their […]

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At the heart of CES 2020

What was new at the Consumer Electronic Show that took place in Las Vegas from 6th to 9th January? An overview with Olivier Ezratty.

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Digital technology: an environmental opportunity or challenge?

Digital technology could make our energy systems more connected, smart and sustainable, but its energy use is soaring. How to explain this paradox?