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How could quantum computing help in the fight against climate change?

Managing the intermittency of renewable energies Quantum computing should speed up machine learning, thus enabling electricity providers to include more variables and predict the availability of intermittent renewable energy sources. Quantum optimization algorithms could be used to identify the best spots for installing solar power plants or wind farms according to sun or wind sites. […]

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Padus Lab: Bolstering the Energy Efficiency of the Networks of the Future

As network virtualization is rolled out, buildings that have traditionally housed telecoms equipment will also host the servers needed to run these new infrastructures. In particular, these new facilities will need to address the challenge of energy efficiency, at a time when Orange is increasingly committed to reducing its carbon footprint. The Padus Lab aims […]

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5G’s impact on society under the microscope

As a responsible carrier and as part of its commitment to sustainable development, Orange aspires to build networks and services that have a positive impact. The Group believes that the technological progress exemplified by 5G should be used not only to create practical solutions for users; it should also support economic development and the workplace […]

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Datavenue Challenge: a self-contained frost and ice sensor based on temperature differences

What is GreenSysTech’s story? From the outset, I wanted to explore energy issues through the development of innovative sensors, with one idea in mind: to capture ambient energy. GreenSysTech was first set up as a design company, and we filed patents every year between 2010 and 2015. Now there are five of us, mainly with […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) meeting the needs of trading ports

  This evaluation is carried out using a replicable solution for data collection and processing. The project is structured around three lines of action: – identifying and defining scientific models and algorithms to evaluate the different components of the environmental impact of port activity; – providing a replicable, open source platform for collecting diverse data, […]

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The green transition: consumer expectations and behaviour

  This means consumers are regularly being invited to change their daily habits. We are therefore seeing the emergence of an “ecological habitus” — proof of the changing attitudes within consumer behaviour, which varies between social groups. What has this habitus got to do with digital practices? There is an abundance of digital eco-gestures in […]

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When teleworking, the IoT, and AI reduce our carbon emissions

Can ecological transition and digital transformation go hand in hand? The carbon footprint of the digital sector is far from insignificant: 4 % of greenhouses gases at the beginning of 2021 and twice that by 2025 according to the ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition. However, although digital may be a burden on the habitability […]

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Mapping networks and critical materials to advance the circular economy

What does your work entail with regard to the presence of rare metals in network and telecoms equipment? Since 2007, Orange has been providing environmental labelling for mobile phones sold or leased to its customers. The aim was to transparently inform people about the environmental impact of our products, by explaining the efforts we undertake […]

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Analysis and tips on curbing the build-up of electronic waste

Over 50 million tonnes. The equivalent of 5300 Eiffel Towers. This, according to a United Nations report, is the amount of electronic waste that was added to the existing volume globally in 2019, and it is expected to grow at an even faster pace over the coming years. According to one estimate, by 2030, humanity […]

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International crisis prevention, management and resolution: the assets of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make it possible to spot patterns in large, heterogeneous datasets, and to anticipate certain phenomena. They are also powerful tools for finding solutions to certain global problems that are as urgent as they are complex. They are being used more and more by government institutions and humanitarian and development organisations at […]

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Pollutant monitoring: example of an IoT partnership

The many players in the IoT “constellation” differ in their respective fields, backgrounds and expertise. Orange believes that these players need to be combined to make the technological cosmos shine and has therefore launched the Datavenue Ready label. By creating close and lasting ties with these partners, Orange can contribute to the development and promotion of […]

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Fairphone 3 and Livebox 5: more “responsible” devices

Orange has been pursuing an eco-friendly, pro-circular economy approach for a long time due to its awareness of the digital industry’s environmental impact. It showed its commitment to being eco-friendly with the Fairphone 3, a smartphone with detachable parts that comes with a screwdriver. Julien Giner, a Project Manager at Orange, explained this unique quality […]