Energy efficiency

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Smart street lighting thanks to the LoRa® network

When astronomical clocks are synchronised with the LoRa® network BH Technologies, an innovative company from Grenoble partnered with Datavenue Ready and established in 1998, is one of the high-tech players in France directly involved in the Smart City movement. When it was still known as BHL Électronique, this company sold astronomical clock systems for street […]

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Selective data sorting against dark data

According to a study by Veritas, 52 % of company data stored on servers is never used. This inert data is what is known as dark data. This can be data collected within the frame of an abandoned project or data that complies with regulatory compliance requirements and that has not been deleted within the legal […]

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Energy efficiency: AI for mobile networks

Each generation of mobile telephony networks coincides with a leap forward in energy efficiency per bit transported, the gains of which are estimated at a factor of 10 during the transition from one generation to the other. 5G is no exception to this rule and, from the infrastructure design stage, introduces new levers for technical […]

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5G : energy efficiency “by design”

The progress made by mobile networks over the years is not measured only by their operational performance and the service delivered to the end customer. They are also judged on their ability to take into account societal and environmental issues, particularly those related to energy consumption. On this subject, the progress made is substantial and […]

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Orange solutions for digital sustainability

From the optimisation of technical installations to the use of solar energy… There are many actions being undertaken at Orange to reduce energy costs.

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Big Data: when data improve the energy efficiency of networks

With increasingly accurate measurements of its energy consumption, Orange is building more efficient and less energy-intensive networks.

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Energy-Free Communication gives wings to connected objects

Energy-Free Communication is a process experimented by Orange during the Salon de la Recherche 2017, enabling the connection of objects with no wires or battery, and without emitting a single extra wave.

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The Internet of Energy has introduced a new breakthrough in the energy sector

While the Energy Information Administration, the US Agency for Energy Information, predicts an increase in global energy consumption by 48% in less than thirty years, imagine what solutions could be used for successful energy transition, limiting the environmental impact of the energy system and thus contributing to a sustainable planet? Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of […]