Smarter society / Innovation

Additive manufacturing is making its mark

Buildings erected in just a few days Concrete 3D printing is starting to emerge in the construction industry, with projects relying on this technology having proliferated over the last few years. 3D-printed social housing was thus inaugurated in Nantes in 2018. It is a 95 m2 house comprising 5 rooms and a set of complex architectural […]

Smarter society / Research

Data sharing, distributed factories: open source against Covid-19

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, thousands of open source projects have been emerging across the world to model the pandemic and develop solutions to mitigate the shortage of equipment. On GitHub for example there are over 25,000 repositories associated with Covid-19. In parallel, scientific research is opening up like never before. Institutions such […]

Smarter society / Connected Home

Podcast: “maisonas” to prepare the home of the future

Orange has established six archetypes of homes, dwellings, and occupants, "the maisonas", so as to better configure the smart home of the future.

Better me / Salon de la recherche

A tangible touch in a digital life

Regressive retro delights are a well-known phenomenon in our societies governed by the acceleration of technological innovation and new products. The faster it goes, the more one is tempted to slow down; the newer it is, the more one dives back into the former, the old. This brings regular waves of nostalgia in song or […]

Smarter society / Smart Cities

"Re-humanizing urban data through design"

Data is at the heart of smart cities - although it is still a mysterious notion that arouses anxiety. But it can nevertheless be made to tell some great stories...

Better me / Digital Life

Domesticate technology and bring it into our lives

Presentation of “Curious Rituals” - the new gestures linked to everyday digital applications - by Nicolas Nova, the interface design researcher.