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Orange and the quantum technologies for the security of data exchange

Quantum Physics: from everyday life applications to network security The word “quantum” relates to the world of the infinitely small, therefore the constituent elements of matter (molecules, atoms, particles, etc.). The objects around us respect the laws of classical physics for space and time: for example, if a car is traveling from point A to […]

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Experimenting quantum key exchange over the Côte d’Azur

Orange is involved in the University of Côte d’Azur’s Quantum@UCA project on quantum cryptographic key exchange over a city network.

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Privacy-preserving Artificial Intelligence

Summary When using data in a digital service, one should usually trade-off between data usage (ease of operation, performance) and data security (user privacy, data confidentiality). This article presents the case of advanced cryptographic techniques that brings a solution that reconciles these two conflicting objectives. A lot of use cases are relevant in this context, […]

Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann dresse votre profil grâce à votre smartphone Smarter society

Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann builds your profile, using your smartphone

“I genuinely consider myself to be an official member of France Telecom”, he said with a grin. Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann joined Orange Labs Caen in 1988. At that time, it was a SEPT (Joint Research Department of La Poste and France Telecom), and it was there that he entered into the game. “I started working on […]