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Yōkobo: Finding a Discreet Place for Robots in Connected Homes

A new style of robot is on the horizon. A far cry from humanoids like Pepper or the imaginings of science fiction, this innovative project being developed by Orange Innovation Experience Design Lab (XD Lab) is breaking the mold of robotics. Yōkobo is what we call a robject: an everyday object that contains a robotic […]

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Behavioural objects in the home: laying the foundations

Home robots The most well-known animated objects are automata and their successors, robots. Over the last twenty years, robotics has begun to invade our daily lives through new “service robots”. Within the home, you find robots for remote working, domestic robots (vacuum cleaners and mowers) and security robots. While numerous claims about companion robots were […]

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Wi-Fi 6 connects busy home environments

Over the course of its successive versions, the 802.11 standard, which specifies the characteristics of wireless local area networks, or Wi-Fi, has expanded its capabilities, particularly in terms of speed. Some generations stand out as notable technological leaps, and this is the case with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax standard). A standard tailored to high-density environments Hélène […]

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Simulated data on household activity: we evaluate how realistic it really is!

  To ensure that these ambient intelligence approaches perform well, data collection must take place over several weeks and is very often laborious due to the range of different environments and living situations. Home Activity Simulator therefore seeks to build these datasets not by using sensors in real houses, but by recreating these houses in […]

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Towards a common “language” for smart homes

At the end of 2019, the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) working group was set up under the umbrella of the Zigbee Alliance, bringing together major players in services (GAFA), distribution (Amazon, IKEA and others) and manufacturers of connected devices (including Samsung, Legrand and Somfy). The project aims to develop a unified and open standard […]

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CES 2021 characterised by the pandemic

The 2021 edition of CES was particular in both style and content. Due to the pandemic, the Las Vegas CES was held entirely online this year, with the digital version losing much of the charm of this prestigious gathering of all things digital, one of the main attractions of which consists in wandering from stand […]

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Artificial intelligence as a tool for digital inclusion

How is digital exclusion manifested today in France? Today, the phenomenon is well-known and the studies carried out on this subject describe converging tendencies. Digital exclusion concerns slightly more than 15 % of the population. It is due to several factors. First and foremost, it is territorial: 50 % of non-internet users live in municipalities of less […]

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CES 2020: Orange’s experience of the international high-tech trade show

At the trade show in Las Vegas, Karine Dussert-Sarthe provides an overview of the innovative high-tech products that will be entering consumers’ lives in the near future.

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AI in the Service of the Smart Home

Orange uses a home simulator as a mean to virtually experiment the home of the future, to obtain exploitable datasets.

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OS and connected objects: ever-changing ecosystems

Orange shares its expertise with OS designers and the players involved in connected object ecosystems in order to deliver an optimum user experience.

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Viktor: smart cushion tackling isolation among seniors

Viktor, a decorative sofa cushion and smart device, enabling seniors to keep in touch with friends, family and carers, while enjoying access to entertainment content.

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2009–2019: back to the future of cloud computing

The personal cloud, mobile cloud, vertical cloud, open source cloud, etc. – these major developments in cloud computing foreseen by Orange back in 2009 are now a reality.