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Smarter society / Internet of things

Optimising video call quality with I Can See You!

At Orange, Servane Crave, a research engineer, and Paul Tchoumi, a voice product engineer, are working on I Can See You!, a video call optimisation system for smartphones.

Smarter society / Economy

Did you know?

France is ranked 5th in value in terms of global exports of robots (209.4 million dollars), behind Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. Source: Business France

Smarter society / Economy

The word of innovation: fintech

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Did you know?

The market for artificial intelligence systems for businesses is expected to jump from $202.5 million in 2015 to $11.1 billion by 2024. Source: Tractica range-of-enterprise-applications / in “Modalities for the regulation of algorithms processing of contents”, report to the Secretary of State in charge of digital, May 2016.

Smarter society / Agriculture

Did you know?

79% of farmers use the Internet. That’s more than the French average. Source: Ministry of Agriculture

Smarter society / Economy

Did you know?

The virtual reality market is expected to generate $ 7.20 billion in revenue by the end of the year. In four years, this income should be multiplied by ten. Source: Greenlight Insights

Smarter society / Security

The digital identity conundrum

It’s quite common, nowadays, for people to have a dozen online accounts – if not many more – for a wide range of uses: email, e-commerce, banking, eGovernment, and so on. The upshot is that we have a whole array of log-ins and passwords, or else we use the same one for dozens of different […]

Smarter society / Salon de la recherche

View company interactions in order to improve performance

A growing part of business performance is based on how information flows within the company. How do the various entities interact within the company? What difference is there between the organisation and the theoretical process and reality? Through Big Data technology and artificial intelligence, Orange research teams have created an anonymised picture of the real […]