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Augmented Planet / Networks

Networks to the test of climate change

Repeated natural disasters compel operators and regional authorities to reinforce network resilience.

Smarter society / Artificial Intellingence

Le Vote provides renewed energy for digital and local democracy

Le Vote, a fully digital solution based on blockchain technology, consists of a website for elected representatives and a mobile app for the public.

Smarter society / Data

Blockchain: checking and archiving the documents of The National Archives in complete security

To solve the challenge of digital archiving, The National Archives has launched a research project using blockchain technology to archive its documents and check their authenticity.

Smarter society / Big Data

A word of innovation: ICO

This method enables private individuals and businesses to easily invest in high potential projects thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Smarter society

Blockchain: improving the efficiency of the maritime trade supply chain

IBM and Maersk, a container shipping company, create a digital platform based on blockchain technology, replacing the paper system with digitalisation so as to gain in efficiency.

Smarter society / Artificial Intellingence

Blockchain: facilitating secure sharing of data among robots

A research project that should enable artificial intelligences which control robots to share data via a blockchain.

Smarter society / Innovation

At VivaTech, innovation both proves and demonstrates its value

Orange is taking part in the VivaTech show, where 8,000 start-ups from around the world are gathered, including 120 endorsed by the Group who have come to present useful innovations useful which are beneficial for the largest number of people.

Smarter society

Sajida Zouarhi, a PhD student takes us inside the universe of blockchain

Every year, Orange Labs recruits around forty PhD students specialised in various fields, integrated in a research team and supervised by the company and a research laboratory. In 2014, Sajida Zouarhi was one of these students, thanks to a thesis on the “guarantee of quality of service for critical data transmission”. A subject which gave her […]

Better me / Research

Manage your consent better through blockchain

Trust is an important issue. Each of us is required to give permissions almost daily to applications or services to access our data. So that everyone can manage their consent simply, Orange research teams are working on a unified consent management system and, through blockchain technology, it does not rely on a single trusted third […]