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Artificial Intelligence

Smarter society / Innovation

Mahali ensures e-commerce in Africa is properly addressed

This addressing web app by Orange is tailored to local practices to facilitate online sales through a simple location service for places with no address.

Smarter society / Innovation

At the heart of CES 2020

What was new at the Consumer Electronic Show that took place in Las Vegas from 6th to 9th January? An overview with Olivier Ezratty.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Big Data, algorithms and AI, the tools of tomorrow’s insurance?

The opportunities and the issues of the use of Big Data and algorithms in the insurance sector.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

How to stay well-informed when algorithms are deciding for us?

“Over 58 million people voted for Trump. I don’t know one.” When recommendation algorithms enclose us in “filter bubbles”, how can we stay in touch with reality?

Research blog / Artificial Intelligence

Privacy-preserving Artificial Intelligence

Summary When using data in a digital service, one should usually trade-off between data usage (ease of operation, performance) and data security (user privacy, data confidentiality). This article presents the case of advanced cryptographic techniques that brings a solution that reconciles these two conflicting objectives. A lot of use cases are relevant in this context, […]

Augmented Planet / Innovation

Drones and artificial intelligence at the service of environmental battles

Satellite imagery, machine learning, or drones make it possible to follow, sustainably manage, and protect the forest.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

A word of innovation: GANs

GANs, unsupervised learning algorithms that make it possible to generate artificial data with a high degree of realism.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Proofs of identity: when AI confuses matters

In generating highly realistic human faces and voices, Generative Adversarial Networks are creating doubt about previously irrefutable proofs of identity such as photos, videos, and sound recordings.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Six uses of AI that serve a more humane society

Artificial intelligence to serve health, justice, and the environment… Six surprising applications of AI

Better me / Artificial Intelligence

How do you tame artificial intelligence?

Reassuring consumers about the balance of power when it comes to #AI is crucial to making it available to all.

Smarter society / Prospective

Technological innovations against pollution in aquatic environments

Two experts comment on 5 technological innovations in the area of aquatic environment protection and ecosystem monitoring.

Smarter society / Artificial Intelligence

Are the voice’s channels impenetrable?

A woman’s voice, a man’s voice, or a genderless voice: what is the best voice for a voice assistant? The answer from the social sciences.