Read, write, count… and now code?

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Is learning coding essential for all enlightened 21st century citizens? Taught since last year in French schools, some people believe coding is the new universal language which everyone should master.

This is the view of Frédéric Bardeau, who in 2013 co-founded – a computer programming school in Montreuil for young people out of step with the job market and people undergoing retraining.

However, others believe teaching coding merely provides ridiculously inadequate training at a time when artificial intelligence is flourishing. That’s the view of Laurent Alexandre. Surgeon, owner of the website, who today heads DNAVision and has conducted numerous tests on new technologies – the latest being entitled “the war of intelligences”.

Although Laurent Alexandre and Frédéric Bardeau may disagree on this highly controversial topic, they do agree on one thing at least: now more than ever being open to the digital world and developing critical thinking have to go hand in hand

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