The home of the future will be smart and… sensitive.

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Maryline Clare-Charrier, research project manager and manager of the Home'in platform, explains the new possibilities offered by the smart and sensitive home on which Orange is working.

The smart home is no longer a flight of fancy, today and tomorrow even more so, it will adapt to the everyday life of each one of its occupants. The Orange Home’in research platform thus explores the usages and technologies that could enable the optimisation of a smart and sensitive home assistant, supported in particular by Djingo, the voice or text-controlled virtual assistant that already enables one to navigate on Orange TV, command ones smart home, make a call, and access many more services.

Maryline Clare-Charrier, research project manager and manager of the Home’in platform, explains how, by exploring the way in which services can adapt to context and to the personality of its occupants, the smart and sensitive home will provide intuitive and personalised services to its clients on a daily basis within the home, albeit from their connected things yet with constant supervision and control of personal content. A secure approach proposed by Orange, of which a presentation was given at the latest Salon de la recherche Orange, from 5 to 7 December 2017.

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